Youth Breezes Fall 07


Exploring the Practice of Discernment

lr_logo.jpgAt the San Jose 2007 Youth Convention, the speakers
challenged students and youth leaders to “Live the Call” by
being a radical disciple of Jesus. Our challenge now is to
live out the call. For youth leaders, how do we continue
to keep this challenge in front of our youth? Our culture
becomes more and more difficult to navigate as faithful
followers of Jesus. How might students lead their peers in this radical concept, counter to the culture around us? Youth are faced with lifestyle choices, vocation
decisions, and faith practices that can be challenging.

The Christian practice of discernment needs to be awakened in youth ministry as Scripture is prayerfully translated into practice.

Leadership Retreat will focus on “Leading with heart, soul, and mind.” Curt
Weaver, a recent graduate of Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) and
now a Service Adventure leader for Mennonite Mission Network, will get everyone
involved in an Anabaptist practice of prayerful discernment of Matthew 22:37:
“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your
mind.” How does this really apply to leadership in our congregations?

The main sessions will be presented in a way that invites participants to explore
the Christian practice of discernment. As leaders, our youth will learn skills as
they learn how to discern lifestyle, vocation, and faith choices through the reading
of Scripture and prayer. The art of discernment is an important concept for
leaders as they work in a common faith perspective to discern scripture, faith, and
life together.

Let’s all get together at Spruce Lake for a fun weekend away that will help to
strengthen your ministry team!
~Marlene Frankenfield

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