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Conference gathers to listen, pray, question and call

Stephen Kriss, skriss@franconiaconference.org

Over 100 Franconia Mennonite Conference leaders and representatives gathered at Christopher Dock Mennonite High School near Lansdale, Pa, on August 12, 2010, to hear a report from the Conference’s Review Steering Committee; to pray with and for newly elected moderators and board members; to hear a financial update and to ask questions. The meeting began with an acknowledgment from the Review Steering Committee Co-chair, Mike Derstine (Plains congregation), “this is an unusual and difficult time for our conference—and our coming together this evening might be viewed as the first step of a long process of further understanding and conversation—a process that we hope and pray ultimately leads to broad ownership and support of our conference vision and mission.”

The Review Committee was appointed earlier this year to provide a space for feedback and follow-up for the consulting work and recommendations of LaVern Yutzy from Mennonite Health Services Alliance, who was commissioned by the Franconia Conference Board to conduct a review and set recommendations after a conflict over decision-making related to staffing, finances and future Conference earlier this year. The committee includes Donella Clemens, Perkasie congregation; Mike Derstine, Plains congregation; Beny Krisbianto, Nations Worship Center; Jim Laverty, Souderton congregation and Joy Sutter, committee co-chair from Salford congregation. Sutter outlined the Review Steering Committee’s goals and work over the last months.

Following up on the recommendations from Yutzy’s report, the board approved near-term steps to reconfigure itself which then included this summer’s nominating and affirming process of the following Conference board members: John Goshow (moderator, Blooming Glen congregation); Miriam Book (assistant moderator, Salford congregation); Randy Nyce (finance committee chairperson, Salford congregation); and at-large members—Marta Beidler Castillo (Nueva Vida Norristown New Life congregation), Joe Hackman (Salford congregation), Beny Krisbianto (Nations Worship Center), and James B. Longacre (Bally congregation). The seven new board members join remaining board members Jim King (Plains congregation), Jim Laverty (Souderton congregation), Rina Rampogu (Plains congregation) and Nelson Shenk (Boyertown congregation). Donella Clemens introduced the board and led in a commissioning prayer while the committee also sought to recognize the pain that led to the resignations of four board members including moderators, Blaine Detwiler, Lakeview congregation and Randy Heacock, Doylestown congregation along with at-large members Karen Moyer, Rocky Ridge congregation and Yvonne Platts, Nueva Vida Norristown New Life congregation.

Randy Nyce, newly affirmed finance committee chairperson, led in a brief overview and conversation that highlighted several ongoing issues with the Conference budget—including a long-term decline in congregational giving; the delayed sale of the development rights of Indian Creek Farm located near Harleysville, Pa, as was outlined in the Conference’s Vision and Financial Plan; and clarification on the integration of the Conference’s mission agency (formerly Franconia Mennonite Conference Board of Missions and Charities) to create “a missional conference” rather than a conference with a mission agency.

At the meeting’s outset, review committee co-chair Mike Derstine recognized that there were many tensions within the Conference at this time. Noting this he said, “Within our conference system, at a basic level, there has been a breakdown of trust. We have yet to hear and understand the deeper themes that tug at our Conference. We do know that there is suspicion and fear under the surface, and there are powerful voices on various sides, there is a naming of money and Mennonitism, in some cases tradition is pitted against mission. For some this new Conference Board represents a new day and fresh hopes for renewed mission and vision—and for others it feels like a step backwards into a maintenance mode that seeks to preserve the status quo.”

He continued, “As a conference, we are not all of one mind regarding these recent events and in the steps we’ve taken to move forward. And no one of us has always expressed our positions and oppositions in positive, Christ-like ways. We confess tonight that it isn’t easy for we who emphasize peacemaking and discipleship, to practice what we preach—especially when it comes to agreeing and disagreeing in love. Along the way we will all need more opportunities to listen and to speak—and we will certainly need ample time for confession and repentance—as well as large doses of God’s grace, forgiveness and healing. But tonight we begin the process forward with a small step. We know we need healing, we know we need more time to listen closely to each other, and we know all this is going to require more time and space than one meeting here in August—and yet here is where we need to start.”

The evening featured open times of question regarding the Review Steering Committee’s work along the future process of the new board. Responses included further calls to repentance and expressions of grief over the actions of the last months, more specifically letters were read and submitted to the Conference Board by Charlie Ness (Perkiomenville congregation) and Sharon Williams (Nueva Vida Norristown New Life congregation). In the questions and comments, there was a general acknowledgment that there is much work ahead that is both personal and communal; spiritual and incarnational.

The gathered community ended with a prayer of hope and commitment, led by Beny Krisbianto and Jim Laverty, “We commit to move forward in hope, loving you and growing in love for each other. Give us direction so we may know which way to choose and which to reject, which course to claim and which to refuse. Lead us to that which you will bless and that which brings honor to your name, God our Vision and our Guide.”

With new board members affirmed, agenda set for August Franconia Conference meeting

Stephen Kriss, skriss@franconiaconference.org

After receiving over 145 responses, seven new Franconia Conference board members
have been affirmed for service and leadership, effective August 1, 2010. All new board
members received over a 90% affirmation in both emailed and written ballots. The new
board members will be introduced on August 12, 2010 at 7 p.m., at an all-conference
meeting at Christopher Dock Mennonite High School in Lansdale, Pa.

Board members and their affirmed positions include:

  • John Goshow, moderator and conference board chair, Blooming Glen
  • Miriam Book, assistant moderator and conference board vice chair, Salford
  • Randy Nyce, conference board finance committee chair, Salford congregation
  • Marta Beidler Castillo, member-at-large, Nueva Vida Norristown New Life
  • Joe Hackman, member-at-large, Salford congregation
  • Beny Krisbianto, member-at-large, Nations Worship Center
  • James Longacre, member-at-large, Bally congregation

Review Steering Committee member, Mike Derstine (Plains congregation) remarked
that the affirmations indicate strong support for the new board members in the midst
of a difficult time for the Conference community. The new board members and
moderators were suggested in response to the Conference Review conducted by
LaVern Yutzy of Mennonite Health Services Alliance earlier this spring and were
intended to help with further alignment of the conference’s work and trajectory toward a
hopeful future.
The all-conference meeting is intended to offer a time of blessing and introducing the
new board members, prayerful reflection and conversation on the conference’s recent
history and future as well as a brief update on the conference’s finances. All delegates
as well as interested persons from the Conference community are encouraged to

CLICK HERE to download agenda PDF

Franconia Conference announces board candidates and sets August public meeting

Stephen Kriss

The Nominating Committee of Franconia Mennonite Conference announces seven candidates for open board positions and an election/affirmation process that will commence immediately by written or email ballot.   The seven candidates are:

Moderator:  John Goshow
John Goshow is retiring this fall after 33 years of service and leadership at Penn Foundation, Sellersville, Pa, where he served as president and CEO for the last decade. John and his wife Janet live near Perkasie, Pa, and are the parents of three adult children. They attend Blooming Glen Mennonite Church where John is a Sunday school teacher. John has served on the Board of Directors of Mennonite Health Services Alliance and in local and regional associations for community building and behavioral healthcare. He brings experience with organizational leadership as well as a social work background, combined with years of service connected with the church.

Assistant Moderator: Miriam BookMiriam Book is lead pastor at Salford Mennonite Church near Harleysville, Pa.   Originally from Lancaster County, Pa, Mim came to serve as part of the pastoral team at Salford after over 20 years of service in Mennonite Church denominational agencies where she worked with area conferences and overseas ministries as well as convention planning.  Mim brings gifts of connectedness across the denomination, a commitment to cultivating the gifts of both male and female leaders and acuity for administration and fair process.  She and her husband, Jim Lapp, live in Harleysville, Pa. and are parents of three adult children.

Finance Committee Chairperson:  Randy Nyce
Randy Nyce is church relations manager for MMA/Everence based at the Souderton (Pa) office.  He and his wife Juanita and son Garrett have recently relocated to Hilltown Twp, Pa, where they live in a three-generation household after a decade of living in Philadelphia.   Having grown up in Franconia Conference, Randy worked as a teacher at Philadelphia Mennonite High School and as executive director at Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust.  Randy had worked with stewardship education in his previous congregation (Circle of Hope Brethren in Christ in Philadelphia) and currently helps facilitate young adult Sunday school classes at Salford Mennonite Church.

At-large members:

Marta Beidler Castillo

Marta Beidler Castillo lives in Norristown, Pa, where she is serves as an associate pastor at Nueva Vida Norristown New Life congregation.   Marta grew up in both Vietnam and Indonesia, the daughter of Franconia Conference-rooted mission workers.   She’s committed to the intercultural work of antiracism and racial reconciliation.   Marta lives in a bilingual Spanish/English household with her husband, Julio and children, Andres and Daniel. With broad mission experiences internationally and in a US urban location, Marta is committed to prayer along with active engagement of diverse neighborhoods with the message of Christ’s Good News.

Joe Hackman
Joe Hackman lives in Lansdale, Pa, with his wife Angela and daughter Ila.  He grew up attending Swamp Mennonite Church at Quakertown and currently serves on the pastoral team at Salford Mennonite Church.  Joe is a student at Eastern Mennonite Seminary in Pennsylvania, returning to school after several years of teaching at Christopher Dock Mennonite High School.  He’s passionate about the possibilities for Anabaptism in a postmodern context, loves working with young leaders and has worked hard to build bridges between the established and emerging congregations of Franconia Conference.

Beny Krisbianto
Beny Krisbianto lives in Philadelphia where he serves as lead pastor of Nations Worship Center, a congregation comprised mostly of recent immigrants from Indonesia.  Beny relocated to Philadelphia to begin a new Anabaptist congregation in South Philadelphia after completing studies at Jubilee School of Theology in Iowa.  Since coming to Pennsylvania, Beny has studied at Eastern Mennonite Seminary toward a certificate in Anabaptist leadership.  Beny is fluent in English, Javanese and Indonesian.  He’s gifted at calling forth new leaders and committed to establishing Anabaptist congregations within the Indonesian immigrant community on the East Coast.

James B. Longacre
James B. Longacre attends Bally Mennonite Church where he grew up as son of the pastor.  Jim has been active in the congregation’s leadership and believes that the Anabaptist/Mennonite way of telling and living the Good News is particularly relevant in today’s world.  Jim is an attorney specializing in employee benefits law, working with a regional firm in Reading, Pa.   He and his wife Ann along with their children Ben, Sam, and Zoe moved back to the family farm near Bally, Pa after years of living in Washington DC and now can frequently be found at youth sporting events throughout southeastern PA.

Upon affirmation of conference delegates, the new board members will begin service in September 2010.   The moderator and assistant moderator positions are open due to the impending resignations of current moderators Blaine Detwiler and Randy Heacock. Two at-large board positions are available due to the resignations of Karen Moyer and Yvonne Platts that followed the approval of LaVern Yutzy’s conference review report earlier this spring.  As approved by the board, the nominating committee moved to reconstitute board leadership by receiving nominations from across conference constituency for all open positions.  Current and remaining board members include Jim King (Plains congregation), Jim Laverty (Souderton congregation), Rina Rampogu (Plains congregation) and Nelson Shenk (Boyertown congregation). Conference staff members Noel Santiago and Ertell Whigham will continue to meet with the board but do not have voting privileges as was recommended by the conference review report and approved by the board in May.

After prayerful discernment and consideration, the nominating committee presents this slate of qualified and committed leaders to help guide Franconia Conference toward a hopeful future. The seven candidates were selected from among those nominated based on skills, gifts, commitment and representation from across the Conference community.  The selection process requires a quorum of votes to affirm the new candidates by July 26, 2010.

Nominating committee members Donella Clemens (Perkasie congregation), Mike Derstine (Plains congregation), Beny Krisbianto (Nations Worship Center) and Joy Sutter (Salford congregation) have worked alongside the Review Steering Committee and current Conference Board to assure a transition that opens possibilities for the continued historic witness of Franconia Conference congregations, embodying Christ’s peace while recognizing our diversity of experience.  The nominating committee is grateful for God’s leading and the Spirit’s movement in the midst of the discernment process.  According to Mike Derstine, “We are impressed by the willingness and enthusiasm that all seven persons have for offering their gifts of leadership and wisdom to the present and future ministry of Franconia Mennonite Conference.”

CLICK HERE to download the ballot as a PDF.

A ballot will be sent by email and by the US postal service to all delegates for a signed or emailed response from each delegate. Emailed responses should be sent to ballot@franconiaconference.org.  All ballots will remain confidential. Franconia Conference bylaws require a 50% quorum and a two-thirds vote to affirm the candidates for service on the board.

The Review Steering Committee also announces an all-Conference meeting of prayer, update and introduction of new and current board members for August 12 from 7-8:30pm at Christopher Dock Mennonite High School in Lansdale, Pa. This meeting will include prayerful reflection, a financial update from the Conference and a timeline for further work rooted in the Yutzy conference review commissioned by the board earlier this year that seeks to guide in the alignment of the Conference’s work, staffing, finances and future.

Franconia Conference Review Steering Committee receives feedback, revises timeline for reconstituting the Conference Board

letterheadweb.jpgStephen Kriss

The Franconia Conference Review Steering Committee expresses appreciation for the feedback on the Conference Review composed by LaVern Yutzy of Mennonite Health Services Alliance. As the timeframe for responses ends this weekend, the committee is moving ahead with the reconstitution of the Conference’s board of directors, naming at least five persons to open roles including moderator, assistant moderator, finance committee chairperson and at large members. The committee will receive nominations until June 9, 2010. Nominations for board positions can be sent by email to the Franconia Conference Nominating Committee (Donella Clemens, Mike Derstine, Beny Krisbianto, and Joy Sutter) at nominations@franconiaconference.org. The committee is abbreviating the nominating period to move toward fulfillment of the review’s recommendations while working with the board’s timeline for upcoming meetings.

The Review Steering Committee intends to submit a suggested slate of names for affirmation by conference delegates to the current board at the scheduled June 21, 2010, meeting. Following the approval of the slate, the committee plans to initiate public meetings sometime in mid-July that will offer time for delegate feedback and response as well as presenting a financial update of the Conference’s situation. In the meantime, the immediate recommendations from the report approved by the board in early May move toward fulfillment. Noel Santiago and Ertell Whigham continue to negotiate their interim staff leadership roles while other staff work toward the implementation of the LEAD platform among conference congregations.

The Steering Committee continues to appreciate the hearty engagement with the review process, including affirmations and nominations as well as challenges and concerns. While numerous nominations for the open board positions have already been received, the committee anticipates further suggestions and invites prayerful consideration as the discernment process continues over the next weeks. Over the next days, the committee intends to solicit nominations from conference pastors and looks forward to the contributions of current and future board members toward a hopeful future.

Conference review report released; board acts on immediate recommendations


Stephen Kriss, skriss@franconiaconference.org

Franconia Conference’s Review Steering Committee met with the Franconia Conference Board of Directors on May 4, 2010, to receive the review and recommendations of LaVern Yutzy, consulting associate Mennonite Health Services. Yutzy was commissioned for the review by the Franconia Conference Board in response to questions around decisions related to staffing and proposed vision made earlier this year. He developed the report and recommendations after a process of interviews and consideration of responses from the Conference community. Both the board and the committee received Yutzy’s work as an independent consultant based on the content offered through the listening process. After careful and deliberate conversation, the board moved to receive Yutzy’s report and to follow through with the immediate recommendations as outlined in the review.

The board’s immediate actions include:

  • Receiving the resignations of the moderator and assistant moderator after a reconstituted board is situated this summer.
  • Appointment of a nominating committee comprised of members of the Review Steering Committee who are not currently seated on the board (Donella Clemens of Perkasie congregation, Mike Derstine of Plains congregation, Beny Krisbianto of Nations Worship Center and Joy Sutter of Salford congregation). The nominating committee will receive nominations for additional open board positions—including Conference Moderator, Assistant Moderator and Finance Committee Chairperson.
  • Withdrawal of the plan to lay off all Franconia Conference staff as was outlined in February 2010.
  • Appointment of an interim staff leadership team of Noel Santiago and Ertell Whigham that may serve through July 2011.

The Review Steering Committee will continue in its role through 2010 though Yutzy will not be meeting regularly with the group. The committee will continue to receive feedback and to work to discern a path toward a hopeful future for the Conference community. Yutzy’s report suggests a high-level of engagement across the Conference in response to the review and looks forward to continued engagement with delegates and the broader constituent community. The committee has established the following timeline for the review and implementation of the recommendations.

  • The Review Steering Committee (Donella Clemens, Mike Derstine, Randy Heacock, Beny Krisbianto, Jim Laverty and Joy Sutter) will now receive feedback by email at feedback@franconiaconference.org regarding the content and recommendations of the review through May 28, 2010. This feedback may also include nominations for the roles of finance committee chairperson, moderator, assistant moderator and at large members recommended to serve in a reconstituted Board of Directors of Franconia Mennonite Conference. Nominations for those positions will be received until June 30, 2010.
  • The review will be posted immediately on www.review.franconiaconference.org additional updates and timeline information will also be posted to the Conference website at www.franconiaconference.org
  • A newly constituted board will begin to serve after affirmations of new members by delegates in late summer 2010.

The committee wishes to express appreciation to LaVern Yutzy for patient listening and engagement in the development of the review, report and recommendations, in helping to find a way that Franconia Conference may continue to bear witness of Christ’s way of peace and to extend God’s healing and hope to the world.

Click here to view the Franconia Conference Review and Recommendations prepared by LaVern Yutzy.

Click here to download and view a PDF of the Review Steering Committee’s process for the recommendations.

Review Steering Committee develops process, expresses appreciation, invites prayer

Stephen Kriss, skriss@franconiaconference.org

The Franconia Conference Review Steering Committee met April 28, 2010, at the Mennonite Conference Center in Harleysville, Pa., to continue to develop a path for discernment and communication for the upcoming Conference Review report and recommendations. The review, being performed by LaVern Yutzy, consulting associate Mennonite Health Services Alliance, is scheduled to be released in mid-May to delegates and constituents. Review Steering Committee members include Donella Clemens (Perkasie congregation), Mike Derstine (Plains congregation), Randy Heacock (Doylestown congregation), Beny Krisbianto (Nations Worship Center), Jim Laverty (Souderton congregation), Karen Moyer (Rocky Ridge congregation) and Joy Sutter (Salford congregation).

The steering committee wishes to express appreciation for the response and high-level of engagement around the review over the last weeks. While the review and recommendations are being constructed by Yutzy, the committee considered themes and recommendations from the report at this week’s meeting. Yutzy is set to present a draft to the steering committee this weekend with a scheduled release to Franconia Conference’s board of directors at a joint meeting with the board and committee on May 4, 2010.

On Monday, May 3, the steering committee will meet again at Harleysville to continue to develop a path for considering the recommendations that come from Yutzy’s review and further development of a venue for the conference community to consider and offer input into the review’s recommendations and forward process. The review is not intended to answer all questions around recent decisions regarding staffing, but rather to navigate together toward a hopeful future. The review will be available at www.franconiaconference.org upon public release in mid-May.

The steering committee calls the Conference to continue in prayer—both communally and individually—as we prepare to move together, to receive and process the review recommendations. The review and recommendations are intended to provide a path forward for Franconia Conference that together we will continue to proclaim and incarnate Christ’s way of peace, healing and hope.

Review Steering Committee names co-chairs and calls the conference to prayer

letterheadweb.jpgStephen Kriss, skriss@franconiaconference.org

The newly configured Franconia Conference Review Steering Committee met for the first time on April 21, 2010, at the Mennonite Conference Center in Harleysville, Pa., to continue to set a course for the review scheduled for release in mid-May 2010. The review, performed by LaVern Yutzy, consulting associate with Mennonite Health Services Alliance, is intended to offer recommendations and set a direction for the Conference toward a hopeful future. The committee’s next meeting is April 28, 2010, with additional meetings scheduled over the following months to guide processes on decision-making and communication.

In this week’s meeting, the committee named Mike Derstine, pastor of Plains Mennonite Church, Hatfield, Pa., and Joy Sutter, Executive Director, Bux-Mont Oncology Hematology Medical Associates and member of Salford Mennonite Church, as co-chairpersons. The committee reported a positive response to opportunities to provide information by email, postcard and through personal contact with LaVern Yutzy and recommended an extension of consulting hours to fully process and consider the volume of responses. Along with Sutter and Derstine, team members include Donella Clemens (Perkasie congregation), Randy Heacock (Doylestown congregation), Beny Krisbianto (Nations Worship Center, Philadelphia), Jim Laverty (Souderton congregation) and Karen Moyer (Rocky Ridge congregation at Quakertown, Pa.).

With the deadline for responses set for April 24, 2010, the committee and Franconia Conference Board of Directors will meet together on May 4, 2010, to consider the review and the situation going forward. The review is not intended to answer all questions about the recent events regarding staffing decisions, but is focused on finding a path forward together. The report will be crafted by Yutzy upon completion of all interviews and consideration of comments submitted by email and postcard. The committee’s intent is to provide guidance for establishing patterns of communication, discernment and decision-making for the upcoming report and recommendations that will be posted at www.franconiaconference.org in mid-May 2010.

The committee continues to call the conference to prayer—communally in the worship life of congregations as well as individually that together we might continue to proclaim and incarnate Christ’s way of peace, healing and hope.

Franconia Conference Review Steering Committee invites additional members

Stephen Kriss

The Franconia Conference Review Steering Committee received nearly 80 nominations for the available sixth position on the recently formed committee. In consultation on April 8, 2010, at the Mennonite Conference Center in Harleysville, PA, the committee moved to increase its numbers and to adjust its members based on feedback from conference constituency.

Additional committee members include:
• Mike Derstine, pastor, Plains Mennonite Church at Hatfield, PA
• Beny Krisbianto, pastor, Nations Worship Center, Philadelphia
• Joy Sutter, Salford Mennonite Church at Harleysville, PA
Previously named member Gerry Clemmer, lead pastor, at Souderton (PA) Mennonite Church has removed himself from the committee to allow space for additional members to represent broader conference constituency. The committee of seven now includes three Franconia Conference board members and four representatives from the Franconia Conference constituent community.

The committee is set with the task of establishing patterns of communication, discernment and decision-making for the upcoming report on the conference-wide review, currently in process under the leadership of LaVern Yutzy, consulting associate with Mennonite Health Services Alliance. The report is intended to shed light on recent events in Franconia Conference; to provide better understanding of issues that will need further processing and to find a path toward a hopeful future while not intending to answer all questions. The report will be available to delegates and constituency by mid-May. The committee intends to have a full report posted at www.franconiaconference.org

Yutzy expects to complete his final day of open listening sessions on April 21, 2010, at the Conference Center in Harleysville. To schedule a conversation with LaVern, contact Carla or Melissa, at the Conference Center at 267-932-6050 or email office@franconiaconference.org Postcards with questions for perspectives and comments have been sent to all conference delegates and congregations. Postcards should be returned or responses emailed to feedback@franconiaconference.org by April 24, 2010. All responses are confidential.

Franconia Conference names steering committee and review timeline

Stephen Kriss

The board of directors of Franconia Conference has named a Conference Review Steering Committee to provide oversight for the assessment being performed by consultant LaVern Yutzy. The committee includes:

  • Donella Clemens, Perkasie (Pa.) Mennonite Church
  • Gerry Clemmer, senior pastor, Souderton (Pa.) Mennonite Church
  • Randy Heacock, pastor, Doylestown (Pa.) Mennonite Church
  • Jim Laverty, pastor of equipping and discipling, Souderton Mennonite Church
  • Karen Moyer, Rocky Ridge Mennonite Church at Quakertown, Pa.

The committee will be expanded to include a sixth person. Suggestions of persons who might be considered as a sixth member are welcome from all constituents. Please send suggested names to feedback@franconiaconference.org by April 6, 2010, for consideration.

The review being conducted by Yutzy, consulting associate with Mennonite Health Services Alliance, is intended to shed light on recent events in Franconia Conference; to provide better understanding of issues that will need further processing and to find a path toward a hopeful future. The process is designed to review the role, structure and staffing of Franconia Conference, clarifying issues around recent events and underlying concerns while not intending to answer all questions.

The review listening process began on March 18 and initially focused on conversations with 14 Conference staff. Yutzy met with 15 persons on March 29 and 30 including delegates, pastors and other interested persons from the Conference. With guidance from the Conference Review Steering Committee, Yutzy will continue the listening process. He will be available on April 8 and a second April date later in the month. Persons who would like to share their perspective are invited to call the Conference Center at 267-932-6050 and speak to Carla or Melissa to arrange a time to meet with LaVern or email office@franconiaconference.org to schedule a face-to-face meeting time on either of those dates.

Yutzy has received a number of e-mails and invites persons to continue to share their perspectives and counsel. Feedback about this communication and any aspect of the review process is welcome. Though LaVern may not be able to respond to every e-mail, counsel and comments are valued and appreciated at feedback@franconiaconference.org.

The Conference will send postcards with response questions to all congregations and delegates encouraging feedback into the process by April 24, 2010.

Recommendations that emerge from this review are likely to require further review and processing with persons and groups involved in order to determine appropriate direction. The Conference Review Steering Committee will develop a potential process for reviewing the recommendations and a path for decision-making regarding those recommendations. The report is expected to be available to the board and delegates in mid-May, 2010.