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From the moderator: In search of grace that transforms toward hope

At Franconia Conference Assembly 2011 delegates were invited to complete the sentence, my hope and dream for Franconia Conference is . . . 55 people responded to the invitation with the following hopes and dreams, “to better communicate with each congregation” . . . “to welcome and include all people regardless’ . . . ‘Unity, joy and effectively spreading the love and joy of God to the outside world” . . . “that it would be a community of those who find their home in God and live in hope with one another” . . . “to build a strong unified foundation from which to

“We are committed to move forward in a way that invites all the members of our congregations to join together.” build God’s Kingdom” . . . “not afraid to embrace new things” . . . “reconnect the people of Franconia Conference” . . . “to become a model community of grace and love, providing a safe place to explore God’s purpose” . . .”that in trusting relationships with each other and with God we can move with God’s guidance into our future, welcoming all, honoring differences, but unified in our core beliefs” . . . “For grace looking back, and hope looking forward with and among the delegates/congregations and the Conference board” . . . “that trust and confidence will continue to grow better conference leadership and congregation direction”.

This sampling of quotes from the delegates is cause for celebration and hope for our community of congregations and ministries. We share a desire for unity, a wish to be open to all persons, a commitment to be welcoming, a determination to find joy in our differences and in our similarities and a strong urge to engage in meaningful, direct and transparent communication.

Ervin Stutzman, MCUSA Executive Director, speaking at last year’s Assembly said, “Trouble plus grace equals hope”. This quote has particular relevance for our conference as together we have sought grace to transform our struggle into hope for today and the future. The Conference board is finding hope as it connects in a new way with all of our member congregations. The board has committed to meeting with the leaders of all Conference congregations within the next three to six months. These meetings are beginning to occur and the dialogue between congregational leadership and conference leadership has been valuable. We’re asking:

  • How can conference support the missional efforts of the congregation?
  • What conference activities has your congregation found helpful?
  • What additional services would be appreciated?

We are finding energy in the eagerness with which congregational leaders engage in the discussion.
We are finding hope in the recent restructuring of Conference staff and the appointment of Ertell Whigham to the role of Executive Minister. Ertell brings energy, passion, leadership skills and commitment to achieving the following priorities articulated by the Conference board and is appreciated and supported by other Conference staff.

  • Engage with the Franconia Conference Board in the work of the strategic transformation of Franconia Conference toward a missional, formational and intercultural Conference.
  • Build an energetic and unified staff team to support the work of Conference.
  • Build confidence within the constituency.
  • I am optimistic that Franconia Conference will move steadily toward achieving these priorities. We are committed to move forward in a way that invites all the members in our congregations to join together in the effort. This will require careful planning, clear communication and prioritizing a path of working respectfully with a shared commitment to become a community and Conference that reflects God’s dream for us together. We appreciate the ongoing prayer of the community as we move, trusting the transformative power of the Spirit on the Way.

Conference Assembly 2010 Reflections

Franconia Conference Assembly 2010 kicked off with the music of James Crumbly of Tampa, FL, along with a multiethnic worship team and multilingual worship to help celebrate the life of the conference community. Featuring input from Mennonite Church USA Executive Director, Ervin Stutzman, the highlight of the first night included welcoming a new congregation–Greensburg (Pa) Worship Center–into membership of the conference and Mennonite Church USA.

Saturday’s sessions included conversation around key issues for the ongoing life of Franconia Conference together as well as an invitation to dream of a future together. Congregational leaders told stories of how the LEAD platform for congregational oversight continues to emerge and shape the life of conference churches. New leaders were recognized and introduced to the assembly as well, including persons credentialed for ministry in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia. Executive Minister Noel Santiago led a process of introducing and blessing new Conference-Related Ministries’ leaders.

Moderators John Goshow and Mim Book invited those gathered to continue toward a healing journey and hopeful future for the conference in the midst of a difficult time. Melissa Landis was recognized for her ongoing work in shaping Conference Assembly over the four last years. Randy Nyce, finance committee chair, opened the floor for questions around conference funding and responded as he was able, admitting that not all questions would be answered but that further responses would be developed by the conference board finance committee and shared with delegates in coming days.

Assembly 2010 Photos

Assembly Highlight Video


Conference Assembly 2010 from Tim Moyer on Vimeo.

Greensburg Worship Center Profile Video

Greensburg Worship Center Profile from Tim Moyer Media on Vimeo.» Access online docket materials

Church-wide Agency Reports

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Click on the name of a Church-wide Agency to read an update on their ministry!

Mennonite Church USA
Mennonite Education Agency
Mennonite Mission Network
MMA Stewardship Agency
Mennonite Publishing Network

Colleges and Seminaries:
Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary
Eastern Mennonite Seminary
Bethel College
Bluffton College
Eastern Mennonite University
Goshen College
Hesston College

Mennonite Central Committee East Coast

Conference Related Ministries

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Below is the list of Franconia Conference Related Ministries. Click on the name of a CRM below to read an update on their ministry. (Currently, not all ministries have submitted reports.)

Bethany Birches Camp
Camp Men-O-Lan
Care and Share Shoppes
Christopher Dock Mennonite High School
Community Home Services
Crossroad Gift and Thrift
Delaware Valley MEDA
Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust
Indian Creek Foundation
Liberty Ministries
Life with God Ministries
Living Branches – Dock Woods Community and Souderton Mennonite Homes
Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pennsylvania
Mennonite Disaster Service
MCC Material Resource Center of Harleysville
Peaceful Living
Penn Foundation
Penn View Christian School
Philadelphia Mennonite High School
Quakertown Christian School
Rockhill Mennonite Community
Spruce Lake

Assembly 2010 Online Docket

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CLICK HERE to download the entire docket as one PDF.

Section I – Board / Committee Updates

Click here to read this year’s update from the Conference Board, Ministerial Committee,Finance Committee, and FMC Properties.
A. Balance Sheet
B. Income Statement
C. Revenue
D. Revenue Sources
E. Expenses
F. Program Support Services

Section II – Minutes 2009/2010

A. Minutes – Friday, November 13
B. Minutes – Saturday, November 14
C. Summary of Actions
D. Minutes – Action Outside of Meeting on July 26, 2010

Section III – Gift Discernment

A. Ballot 2010
B. Biographical Sketches of Nominees
C. Gift Discernment Nomination Form
Click on the link above to see the blank nomination form we ask delegates to fill out, suggesting names for the gift discernment process. This form will be handed out for delegate input at Conference Assembly.

Section IV – Conferring Documents

A. Scriptures – Please review both scriptures in preparation for Conference Assembly
1. Isaiah 43
2. John 17
B. Welcoming a new congregation – Greensburg Worship Center in Greensburg, Pa.
To learn more about Greensburg Worship Center, read the profile below along with Mennonite World Conference’s shared convictions. A time of welcome and blessing for the congregation will be held on Friday night at Assembly.
1. Congregational Profile – Greensburg Worship Center, Greensburg, Pa.
2. Shared Convictions – Mennonite World Conference
C. Vision and Finance Plan Update
1. VFP Progress Update document
2. Vision and Finance Plan Team Recommendations – November 10, 2007
D. LEAD – Overview of Principles and Core Values

Conference Assembly 2010

Friday, November 12, 6 – 9pm
Saturday, November 13, 8:30am – 4pm


Read the full online docket in preparation for Conference Assembly in November!


Please print and bring these documents with you to Conference Assembly

Conference Related Ministry Reports

Read updates from the wide variety of Conference Related Ministries

Church-wide Agency Reports

Also read what is happening at the various church-wide agencies

Assembly 2010 Schedule of Events PDF
Children’s Ministry
Directions to Souderton Mennonite Church