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Human Trafficking: Cultivating a Christian Response to Modern-Day Slavery

Human trafficking“Few of us know someone who has been trafficked.  So to step out and care for someone who has been trafficked is a true expression of God’s love.”

Today’s resourcing breakfast featured Debbie Wright,  fromlibertytocaptivity.com.  Debbie is a former advocate for International Justice Mission who is currently working on a documentary about human trafficking in Pennsylvania.  Debbie shared statistics about human trafficking globally and locally, pointing out that Pennsylvania is a hotbed for trafficking because of the highway system that connects so many portions of the country.  But Pennsylvania, and Mennonites in Pennsylvania, also has a history of abolition … and can again.

“Make no mistake.  God sees and God is angry….  He hears [the victims’] cries and he wants to bring rescue.  So this heaviness you feel inside is God calling….  We are his plan of rescue… to step into the dark places.”

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During her talk, Debbie recommended the book Just Church by Jim Martin and referred to the 1688 Protest Against Slavery.