September 5, 2013

Becky Felton

Goshen College Announces Scholarship in Honor of Becky Felton

Scholarship to benefit Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies students

GOSHEN, Ind. – Becky Felton, Goshen College class of ’76 and a member of Perkasie congregation, was a champion of peace and justice. Even when faced with a terminal illness, she confronted it knowing that she was at peace with God and with others. Read more….

What’s in a Vacation?

by Sandy Drescher-Lehman, Souderton

Why would these 8 people from three different churches in our conference choose to spend 5 of their lazy days of summer vacation together, being NOT-lazy?

Read more….

MCC East Coast bike ride

Maria Byler

Advocating justice in our education system

by Mikah Ochieng, summer writing team

For over a century, South Philly has been heavily influenced by the Italian culture but recently it has become a cultural hub for the Hispanic and Asian communities. Like the 20th century immigrants who came before them, this new generational wave of immigrants have experienced what it’s like to face the specific challenges that culture and language bring to one’s life. That is why there are people like Maria C. M. Byler. Read more….

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Plains party in the park
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Mark Your Calendars

Mark your Calendar For a complete listing of upcoming events, check out the Franconia Conference Calendar. The Conference office keeps a Google calendar of congregational and Conference Related Ministries events to help avoid scheduling conflicts—so please help us keep it up to date! Add your event to the calendar by sending an event invitation to

Pastors & CRM Leaders’ Breakfasts

Held at Hennings Market in Harleysville from 8-10am, cost: $7 includes buffet breakfast. RSVP

  • Sept. 26: James Krabill from Mennonite Mission Network will present on “Worshipping our way into God’s future."
  • October 17: Mark van Steenwyck, a Mennonite pastor from Minneapolis, MN
    will present on “The Economics of Jesus – The Church and Jubilee."

Credentialed Leaders Appreciation Dinner

A Christmas "thank you" dinner for credentialed leaders and their guests will be held on December 3, 6:30-8:30pm, Souderton Mennonite Home. Enjoy holiday music, good food and conversation, and guest speaker Michael King, dean of Eastern Mennonite Seminary.

Notes to Pastors

Equipping event for congregational ministry to veterans and their families

Pointman Soldiers Heart Ministry, with cooperation from Franconia Mennonite Conference, is sponsoring a symposium, “First Annual State of Veterans Affairs in Philadelphia” on September 28 from 11am to 2pm at Triumph Baptist Church in Philadelphia.

Veterans are all around us, and many veterans return from war with wounds, both visible and invisible, that impact them and their families for the rest of their lives. This event will provide valuable information and contacts for future questions to congregations who want to reach out to veterans and their families in Jesus’ love. Why not carpool with a few people from your congregation and invest in learning how your congregation can be an agent of healing and hope.

For more information, contact Jim Abram (484-557-3243) or Ari Merretazon (215-850-1699).  RSVP by September 10 at 215-475-6035.

The Worm Project Banquet

Place: Franconia Heritage Family Restaurant, Franconia, PA

Date: Friday, September 13, 2013, 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Each year The Worm Project hosts a banquet to help spread awareness of the serious health problems, including malnutrition, disease, and death caused by parasitic worms in children in the poorest countries around the world.  A number of our partner organizations dedicated to fighting parasitic worms come to Franconia, PA each year to meet with Claude Good, founder, and other members of The Worm Project to coordinate efforts to reach more children with deworming medicine.  While they are here, our partners are able to attend our annual banquet and share heart warming and sometimes sad stories of their work.

Entertainment during dinner will be provided by Dr. Marvin Blickenstaff, renowned piano recitalist and former Professor of Music at Goshen College and Catholic University of America and Chairman of Piano Instruction at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

Since the banquet is  being held on a Friday night, you can bring the whole family.  Each year the number of people attending the banquet has grown with around  250 people attending last year’s banquet.  We hope to have even more people this year.  Since the dinner is free, you can encourage people to invite their friends and family and reserve a table for eight people for a fun evening together.

Make your reservations by going to "" or simply e-mailing your name and number of people attending to "".

Please forward this e-mail to your family and friends and invite them to attend the banquet.  More information can be found on our website "".

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