Quakertown Christian School to Start a High School

Quakertown Christian School (QCS), a Franconia Conference Related Ministry, is starting a High School!  The Pennsylvania Department of Education has accepted and approved a request to add a Secondary Educational Program. This will allow QCS to graduate its first class of high school seniors in the spring of 2016.

Quakertown_Christian_School_5-28-15The High School will adopt a blended approach, embracing the emergence of Cyber education in concert with the great aspects associated with traditional learning. This pioneering endeavor, will add to the rich history of Quakertown Christian School.  Dr. Mark Slider, the Executive Director, is an expert in the realm of cyber learning with a decade of experience as a teacher, administrator and researcher in this innovative sector of education.  Slider states, “We can no longer afford to educate our students the way we always have. The future of education embraces virtual learning opportunities and new ways of communication and collaboration in order to make an impact upon our increasingly global society.  Our students will compete for jobs with others from across the world, and it is our responsibility to prepare our students for their success!”

To view the QCS video Announcement click: https://vimeo.com/128565350.   For more information, please go to www.quakertownchristian.org and click on the link for the High School.