Philadelphia Youth Pack the Peace of Christ

Packing the PeaceBy Shannon Burgess

On November 17 and 18, over 100 youth gathered at Philadelphia Mennonite High School (PMHS) for “Packing the Peace of Christ,” organized by Anabaptist pastors and youth leaders to “sound the call to Jesus’ disciples to work for peace in Philadelphia.”

Cruz Cordero, performing an original Christian rap numberFriday evening began with music led by the Philadelphia Praise Center. Christian rap artist Cruz Cordero and Yvonne Platts of Philadelphia Ministry Partnership then emceed a youth competition for creative alternatives to violence through the arts—essays, visual arts, and rap or spoken word. Conrad Moore, a Philly son and Damascus Road Anti-Racism trainer, led a participative teaching activity called “Forum Theatre” to practice peacemaking skills.

Saturday was like boot camp for peace soldiers of Christ. Participants chose two of five peace-making workshops: Akido—self-defense without doing harm; “The Big Bang”—the two sides of the heated debate on hand gun laws in PA, led by Sarah Thompson, Mennonite Central Committee, in Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania State Representative John Myers; Conflict Resolution in a Christian Perspective—Dr. Barbara Moses, PMHS Principal, helped participants identify their personal “anger triggers;” the Hip-Hop Generation, “What’s beef?” (i.e., “What’s the conflict?”)—Cruz Cordero analyzed secular rap messages dealing with conflict; Violence: an American Problem—Conrad Moore analyzed violent history of this country and concluded “Violence is not a problem limited to urban youth—it is a national problem.”

Participants Donavon Lloyd and Luther WardArbutus Sider prepared a letter for participants to sign which was addressed to rural and suburban Anabaptist congregations in Southeast Pennsylvania asking for support in pressing for more effective hand gun legislation.

Anabaptist pastors and youth leaders organized this workshop with a grant from Mennonite Central Committee, Philadelphia, in response to the city’s increase in gun violence. As of this workshop, 359 homicides have occurred, mostly committed with hand guns. The workshop posed the question, “In this context how can we bear witness to Christ, the Prince of Peace?”

For the grand finale four local Christian rap artists treated participants to a showcase of their amazing gift of language to call people to walk in the light of Christ. The call to Jesus’ disciples to work for peace in Philadelphia has been sounded. Pray that the call may bear fruit in the lives of those who heard it.

Packing the PeacePraise Dance Team from Church of the OvercomerParticipants Donavon Lloyd and Luther WardCruz Cordero, performing an original Christian rap numberShannon Burgess, writer of the News Release

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Youth Pack the Peace of Christ

  1. I’m excited to hear the energy that is growing from our urban brothers and sisters. They are taking initiative on some really important things. I hope that we rural and suburban brothers and sisters can support these important urban initiatives coming out of “our own people”! I am also thrilled to see PMHS continue to grow into an important center of connection and energy for an Anabaptist inner-city witness. When I think back to the early dreams for it, I never dreamed how much impact that school would bring. Praise God!!

  2. This is the new generation of pacifist for the Peace Churches. What a joy to know that such an event was held and that 100 youth were present. It gives me hope when I think of how tired some Mennonites have become about peace, just when this message and lifestyle is needed and welcomed more than ever. Praise God!

  3. Is it possible that a new paradigm is developing in relation to the Anabaptist tradition of peacemaking? Urban centers desperately need to look at the problem of violence and the possibility of peace because it is usually where new things and new peoples end up. With cultures constantly changing and rubbing up against each other, it is beginning to look like first century Palestine.

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