Notes to Pastors

Pastors’ & Leaders’ Breakfast
Thursday, May 5,
8:00 – 10:00 a.m. Pastors’ & Leaders’ Breakfast at Methacton Mennonite Church. Andrew Bush, a member of the Methacton congregation, will present and lead a conversation on “Building or Burning Bridges: Searching for a Way Forward in Christian and Muslim Relations.” Please email gbmiller@franconiaconference to register your attendance by Monday, May 2. A $6 contribution is requested to cover breakfast.
More information: This presentation will highlight Bush’s experience of working in the Palestinian Muslim community on the West Bank for the last 12 years, and the effectiveness of coming as servants to Muslims neighbors rather than as antagonists. Is the Christian community willing to turn away from its historic animosity towards the Muslims and make the prophetic decision to serve in the character of Christ?
Prior to their ministry in the Middle East, Andrew and his wife, Karen, planted a church in Taos, New Mexico, and spent twelve years in Manila, the Philippines where they planted Harvesters Christian Fellowship which has established a notable ministry in the deepest slums of the city.
Andrew has been an ordained minister since 1984. He received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Princeton Theological Society. He holds graduate degrees in theology from the Ecole Biblique Français in Jerusalem, Israel and the Alliance Graduate Seminary in Manila, the Philippines. Andrew earned his B.A. in architecture at Princeton University. Andrew teaches missiology at Eastern University, St. David’s, Pennsylvania, and speaks widely in churches throughout the United States, helping them to develop missional congregations and providing specific information concerning mission to the Islamic community. Andrew says, “The greatest challenge the church is facing today is the rapid rise of Islam around the world. As representatives of Christ we stand at a historic hour in which we have the opportunity to show the true love of Jesus to the Muslim world.”