Notes to Pastors

Eastern Mennonite Seminary courses available online this fall!

Mennonite Faith and Polity

This course examines two aspects of contemporary Mennonite reality. First, what the Mennonite Church has said and, especially, what it is currently saying about what it believes concerning the Christian faith; and second, how it structures itself in the light of those beliefs to carry out its ministry in the world. Focus will be on the expression of faith, its features and trends, in the last half century in the General Conference Mennonite church and the Mennonite Church, now integrated as Mennonite Church USA. Polity at the denominational, area conference and congregational levels will be studied with special interest in the emerging structures of the integration process. Particular attention will be given to polity and ethical guidelines for ministerial leadership.

Professor: Del Glick
Cost: $830
Credit Hours: 2

Mennonite History

A study of the emergence and growth of Anabaptist-Mennonites from their origin in the 16th-century Reformation in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands to Russia, North and South America, and the third world. Attention is given to modern renewal movements in the tradition.

Professor: Nate Yoder
Cost: $1245
Credit Hours: 3

Contact Don Yoder at EMS to enroll 540-432-4000. Consider these courses as a possible substitute for Gateway courses required for newly credentialed Franconia Conference leaders. Contact Steve Kriss at with questions.

Financial assistance is available through the Area Conference Leadership Fund, contact Conrad Martin for details on application,

Calling all Worship Teams! Join the 24-hour round the clock worship at Franconia Conference Assembly, November 9-10, from 6pm to 6pm at Franconia Mennonite Church. Worship will occur concurrently with the delegate sessions. If your congregation would be interested in filling a two hour time slot, contact Joyce Moyer at or
610-306-1898 by September 30.