Notes to Pastors

Conference Board Communication Update
May 4, 2010

The Conference Board met on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 and addressed the following agenda items:

Dwelling in the Word – Blaine Detwiler read Acts 2 and then led in prayer.

Approval of Minutes – The Board acted to approve its board minutes and to ratify committee minutes.

Religious Worker Visas – The growth of intercultural ministries within Franconia Conference brings new challenges. A key issue continues to be religious worker visas that allow immigrant pastors to work in the United States. The board will seek to become better informed about this process as a number of visa applications are currently in the works.

Mennonite Health Services Alliance Consultant LaVern Yutzy Report – The Board welcomed Conference Consultant LaVern Yutzy, the non-board Conference Review Steering Committee Members (Mike Derstine, Joy Sutter (co-chairs), Donella Clemens and Beny Krisbianto) and Mennonite Church USA Denominational Minister Linford King.

The Board received and considered the report and recommendations from LaVern Yutzy and acted to approve the Immediate or Near Term Considerations #1-9. The Board would like to note that this action/decision was made in the midst of considerable pressure and stress rather than processed through prayerful discernment.

Board member Yvonne Platts, of Nueva Vida Norristown New Life congregation, submitted her immediate resignation and excused herself from the meeting. Board member Karen Moyer, from the Rocky Ridge congregation, submitted her resignation the following day.

The board acknowledges that the Conference is in need of much prayer and wisdom as well as an informed and aware constituent community to enable a healthy system to emerge among us. May God grant us what is most needed for the sake of the world.