No Greater Love–Peace and Justice for Vulnerable Veterans

Pointman Soldiers Heart Ministries
James Abram & Ari Merretazon from Pointman Soldiers Heart Ministries share about caring for vulnerable veterans. Photo by Emily Ralph.

Minister Ari S. Merretazon and Deacon James Abram of Pointman Soldiers Heart Ministry describe their day-to-day work as “vulnerable veterans helping vulnerable veterans.” Today they shared from their personal experiences as veterans on a path of healing and from their engagement with many other vets they have met, befriended, and supported through experiences of isolation, pain, and injustice from systems where they expected to find help. Listen to the podcast and learn how you might become a participant in the well-being and just treatment of those in our neighborhoods who have been deeply wounded by war. Ari’s PowerPoint.

Ari’s story is featured in the book Bloods, Black Veterans of the Vietnam War: An Oral History and in the movie Dead Presidents.


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