Nations Worship Center to host fundraising dinner

Nations Worship Center
Pastor Beny Krisbianto leads the congregation in prayer at Nations Worship Center's anniversary celebration. Photo by Tim Moyer.

Nations Worship Center will be hosting a dinner next month to celebrate its ministry and expansion in South Philadelphia.  The dinner, which will be held at the Indonesian Restaurant located at 1725 Snyder Ave, Philadelphia, on Saturday, June 16 at 5:30pm, will raise funds for the purchase and renovation of a new worship and ministry center.

The new facility, located on W. Ritner St. in South Philly, is a former catering hall that will provide the congregation with over 8700 square feet of space, out of which they hope to host community meals and offer groceries like rice and noodles to neighbors who need them, according to congregational pastor, Beny Krisbianto.

Up until now, Nations Worship has been renting a building on McKean St., down the block from its sister congregation, Philadelphia Praise Center.  The congregation has been ministering to Philadelphia’s Indonesian population since 2006 and hopes to expand that reach while adjusting to a neighborhood just a few blocks south.

Steve Kriss, LEADership Minister for Nations Worship, along with Krisbianto and Aldo Siahaan, pastor at Philadelphia Praise Center, will be present at the June dinner to share about the congregation’s vision and the role this new church facility will play in meeting this vision. “Purchasing a building is an investment incarnation, putting roots in a neighborhood,” said Kriss, “It’s an important part of the journey for immigrant congregations to embrace life and move toward holy stability that allows the Spirit to move in new ways.”

NWC new building
The new building on Ritner St. in South Philly.

The dinner will be free, and all are invited.  During the evening’s festivities, participants will be given the opportunity to make a contribution to cover the cost of the meal and support the important work that Nations Worship is doing in South Philadelphia, said Franconia Conference moderator John Goshow in his invitation to the event.

Not only will this dinner be an opportunity to assist the congregation in raising the down payment for the mortgage (which will be held by Everence), it will also provide the chance to enjoy authentic Indonesian food and celebrate the exciting future ahead of Nations Worship, he added.

Vina Krisnadi, a part of the leadership team at Nations Worship Center, is excited about the opportunities this new building will provide. “It’s been a long time that we have been renting for worship space.  The congregation has been waiting and this now seems like the right time and space,” she said. “We can worship in any place, but by purchasing this building we will reduce our costs as well as invest in our neighborhood.  With this facility, we can expand our work with children and have more space for ministry in the future.  We appreciate the input and help from other Mennonite congregations as we look forward to renovations.   We are grateful for Everence’s support and other Mennonite sisters and brothers who have contributed already to our efforts.”