Leadership Formation

  • School for Leadership Formation
    For Leaders in Church, Business, and Community

    Franconia Mennonite Conference launched the School for Leadership Formation with inaugural sessions in the Summer of 2007. Rooted in the formational, missional, and intercultural core values of Franconia Conference, the School for Leadership Formation is an embodiment of the conference’s equipping, resourcing, and cultivating initiatives. Collaborative in nature, all of Franconia Conference’s equipping and educational resources will be considered part of the School for Leadership Formation.

    With seminars, courses, and opportunities intended for experienced and emerging leaders, the School for Leadership Formation is set to become a resource for persons across the conference and beyond. Centered in Christ and recognizing our historic commitments to community and reconciliation, the School for Leadership Formation will take on many forms, adapted to the different contexts that make up Franconia Conference communities and commitments.

    The School for Leadership Formation focuses on cultivating the call to God’s work through encounters that are transformative and have practical value. Transformation is ultimately the work of God but steps toward transformation are practical and tangible. Experienced and emerging leaders need to be refreshed and equipped for changing times and communities. The School for Leadership Formation connects an array of resources to equip leaders with a focus on healthy relational patterns, identity formation, and lifelong learning. Leadership is both practice and identity. Leading takes both Spirit and skill.

    How do I engage the School for Leadership Formation? Where is it? The School for Leadership Formation will feature initiatives* like:

    • Gateway courses for credentialed leaders, collaboratively with Eastern Mennonite University
    • See with New Eyes anti-racism trainings
    • Internship experiences for students, collaboratively with Mennonite institutions
    • Ongoing continuing education opportunities in Southeastern, PA, in collaboration with Eastern Mennonite Seminary
    • Intercultural learning experiences that broaden understandings of what it means to be global and local followers of Christ
    • Breakfasts for pastors, chaplains, and Conference Related Ministry  focused around timely issues and possibilities
    • Learning communities, intended for both credentialed and congregational leaders to engage possibilities and questions around similar goals and issues.

    *Costs per equipping event will vary.

    The School for Leadership Formation is more than a dream yet not an institution. Because of its collaborative nature, new possibilities may emerge continually. New partnerships will be possible as they align with missional, intercultural, and formational possibilities. There’s so much to learn and so many places that God is continuing to move. God is preparing us to move together into a present and future that is hopeful. Centered in Christ, all things are possible. Join the emerging reality with your ideas, your questions, your hopes and dreams.

  • Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities.