Missional Networking

Offer something free to/in the community


Details: We have offered occasional silent retreats to which people outside the congregation have been invited. We have offered an ALPHA course with a meal at the church for a couple years. We plan to offer an Alpha Marriage Course this fall, 2012. We opened a disc golf course that was available to the public and was used for several years but recently shut it down due to the effects on our neighbors. We had a mentoring group for a Bridge of Hope family for about 5 years. We produced a monthly TOGETHER magazine that was distributed to every house within a certain radius of the church. We host a cemetery tour each fall and invite the community to hear the history of our cemetery since it is a Worcester Township community cemetery in many ways, going back to the 1700s. This has been very popular with township residents. We have had Sundays focused on East Africa because of one family in our congregation who are from Tanzania. Other East Africans from the Philadelphia area attend these Sundays.


Details: -Party in the Park--like a block party with free food -The park itself is a passive outreach to the community -Temporarily hosting Stepping Stones nursery and day care program. -Listening to 6 community leaders during SS as a way to build bridges with services in the North Penn area. -Cooperate with Manna on Main Street in a variety or specific programs


Details: Our church continues to be involved with Ripple's outreach in the city--we give financially, we have members of our church that our involved in helping with services, and we have joint services with them--in which both of us have prepared meals and served the other. We partner with another congregation to offer VBS program (Egypt Community Church).  We offered the use of our building free of charge to our neighbors-- canvassed the surrounding households to let folks know. Our space is used for a local NA group on Monday nights. Our children generally have at least 2 local missions projects each year--in the past, we worked with Allentown Rescue Mission and Lehigh County Conference of Churches--specifically with local family in need.