May 9, 2013

Kingdom Builders Music

Philadelphia partnership sings a new song

by J. Fred Kauffman, MCC East Coast, Philadelphia

On Saturday, twenty musicians exercised their creative talents at the Sing a New Song workshop.  Kingdom Builders Anabaptist Network of Greater Philadelphia organized the event, and James Krabill of the Mennonite Mission Network provided leadership. Krabill engaged participants with an interactive style of teaching as he reviewed the Biblical roots of worship. Read more….

Mystery woman sets tone for 50 years of ministry at Spruce Lake

by Grace Nolt, Spruce Lake Retreat

Al Detweiler took the call. A woman said she had something to bring them. “I hope it’s a big check!” he joked with his wife, Kass, as he put down the phone. Al was one of the first pastors in Franconia Conference to serve full time. Money was tight. A middle-aged woman arrived carrying a drawstring bag. Read more….

Spruce Lake 50th Anniversary

Klaudia Smucker

Conference Board announces new appointment

by Gay Brunt Miller, Director of Administration

Franconia Conference Board members took action to appoint Klaudia Smucker as a new member of the Conference Board at the April 22 board meeting.

Smucker serves as pastor of Bally Mennonite Church, a role she assumed in 2010. She came to Franconia with extensive pastoral and conference leadership experience in Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference. “We are thankful that Klaudia has chosen to use her considerable experience and wisdom on behalf of Franconia Conference,” said Conference Moderator and Board Chair John Goshow. Read more….

Social Stream (FranconiaMC, #fmclife)

  • (FB) Salford Mennonite Church Registration for Salford’s annual Peace Camp is now open! This year’s age range has been expanded to include middle school students! Please visit our website to learn more and to sign up.
  • (FB) Ten Thousand Villages “World Fair Trade Day will be celebrated on May 11. You might be thinking, ‘So what’s the big deal?’ Or even: ‘Why should I care?’ Let me share why it’s significant…”
  • (photo) Doylestown Mennonite Church Intergenerational prayer walking. These are the prayers of a seven year old. The Kingdom belongs to such as these.


Featured blog: Our Returning Vets, Are We Prepared to Receive Them?

by Mike Meneses, Applied Faith with Reason & Justice*

PTSD, anger, depression, alienation, distancing, silence, and yes even suicide; the fact is that our vets do not come back home and simply pick up where they left off.
For returning vets, it’s not just a simple matter of reintegrating back into civilian life. Read more….

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Mark Your Calendars

Mark your Calendar For a complete listing of upcoming events, check out the Franconia Conference Calendar. The Conference office keeps a Google calendar of congregational and Conference Related Ministries events to help avoid scheduling conflicts—so please help us keep it up to date! Add your event to the calendar by sending an event invitation to
Pastors & CRM Leaders’ Breakfasts8-10 a.m. at Hennings Market, Harleysville unless otherwise noted. Suggested donation: $7.

  • June 14: “Fingerprints of Fire…Footprints of Peace” with author Noel Moules. Register


“Beauty for Brokenness: Growing Toward Wholeness”

  • WHEN: June 1st, 9am-12:30pm
  • WHERE: Salford Mennonite Church, Harleysville.
  • WHAT: At this women’s equipping event, Mary Julia McKenzie and Angela Moyer will share from their experience of encouraging recovery and growth in those who have suffered brokenness in relationships, health, and faith.
  • MORE INFO: Register on the website.

Notes to Pastors

Pastors & CRM Leaders Breakfast on June 14 with Noel Moules

Noel will be speaking from themes of his book in which he offers a compelling vision of identity, community, life and faith from a Jesus perspective. By sketching a bold and colorful manifesto that teems with graciously passionate provocation, he explores creativity, wisdom, spiritual growth, truth, ecology, values, justice, faith-dialogue and activism, all wrapped in the thrilling encompassing vision of shalom. Working for peace, Noel tells us, is about getting our hands dirty, paying a price, changing the world in the here and now.

In each of the chapters Noel takes on different aspects of engaged discipleship, a holistic mix of the socio-political (such as peace, anarchism, creation) and the personal-spiritual(such as mysticism, wisdom, values). The book is framed by poignant reflections on its title: an appeal to engage the world with “fingerprints of fire” and leave behind “footprints of peace”.

Alan Kreider, Professor of Church History and Mission, Anabaptists Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, IN writes, “In this luminous book, Noel Moules passionately communicates wisdom in conversation with the life questions and lifestyles of people today. Noel’s vision is huge: he believes that shalom is the heart of God, the character of Jesus, the way to live, and the destination of creation. His intended audience also is huge: he dialogues sympathetically with people of many religious traditions, and with Christians who have opted out of churches that they found oppressive, while being true to his convictions—that the God revealed in Jesus is the God of shalom, and that people who follow in Jesus’ steps will be “shalom activists”. Noel’s style is “assertively gentle”—inviting his readers to look anew at controversial issues, such as our relationship to wild creation. All who read this book—those who follow Jesus and those who don’t—will find Noel to be a wise guide, a bringer of new insights and a joyful bearer of hope.”

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