March 7, 2013

Hope For The Future 2013

Conference leaders join multicultural national gathering

Racial/Ethnic leaders from Franconia and Eastern District Conferences joined Mennonite Church USA leaders from around the country at the “Hope … for the Future II: Persevering with Jesus” conference, January 25-27 in Leesburg, VA.  According to the conference’s press release, the purpose for the event was to “encourage unity, celebrate the denomination’s multicultural progress, and begin outlining specific ways to help the entire church thrive as its membership rapidly becomes more diverse.”

Yvonne Platts, a leader in Nueva Vida Norristown New Life (Franconia) attended with Ertell Whigham, Franconia’s Executive Minister, Ron White, Eastern District’s moderator, and Noel Santiago, Franconia’s Minister for Spiritual Transformation. Read more….

Congregational leaders discuss Mennonite Education Plan

by Susan Gingerich, Christopher Dock

Franconia and Eastern District conference leadership recently joined leaders from 10 congregations to discuss Mennonite education. This annual forum focuses on the Mennonite education support plan that congregations provide for students of Quakertown Christian School, Penn View Christian School, Christopher Dock Mennonite High School, and Philadelphia Mennonite High School. Read more….

Penn View Schoolwide Service Project 002

Claude Good

From Lukewarm to Hot Christians, part 2

The Hidden Agenda Behind the Worm Project

by Claude Good, Souderton

So what is a Lukewarm Christian? Francis Chan wrote a book called Crazy Love. In it he describes the characteristics of a Lukewarm Christian: Lukewarm Christians love others but not as much as they love themselves; their love often comes with strings attached; they give money to charities and the church as long as it doesn’t impinge on their standard of living; they choose what is popular over what is right. Read more….

Social Stream (FranconiaMC, #fmclife)

  • (Tw) @PastorTimHart Garden Chapel celebrated 42 years of laboring in love in the Victory Gardens Community, we also welcomed 3 new members today #fmclife
  • (Tw) @caresharethrift Care & Share has 100 twitter followers – welcome @FranconiaMC
  • (photo) Franconia Conference is gearing up for youth auction season. Salford congregation posted this photo on Facebook from an auction in years past.
Salford Auction

God is with us (sxc)

Featured blog: God is with me

by Amy Yoder McGloughlin, Practicing Families*

I am the parent of two of the most wonderfully different children. My son, age 12, is linear, cerebral, and prone to anxiety. My daughter, age 9, is all heart, spontaneous, and fiercely independent. It’s a challenge to parent that dichotomy with grace and justice.

When my kids were small, aged 6 and 3, getting out of the house in the morning was the worst part of the day. Some mornings, I’d pray just to get through without anyone, including me, having a meltdown. Read more….

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