Mandated Reporter Training

Protecting children is the responsibility of us all. As we continue to work to strengthen our church communities to be safe spaces for our children and youth, and remain in compliance with Pennsylvania child protection law, Franconia Mennonite Conference is  offering this crucial training for congregations : “Mandated Reporter Training”. Anybody who suspects that a child is being hurt has the right to report that suspicion. Certain professionals and volunteers, due to their contact or work with children, have special responsibilities. These people are called mandated reporters and are required by law to report suspected child abuse.

This training will help to:

  1. Increase your confidence to identify indicators of abuse.
  2. Increase the likelihood of reporting incidents of child abuse.
  3. Increase motivation to report suspicions of child abuse.
  4. Decrease negative attitudes related to engaging with the child protective services system.
  5. Increase sense of obligation to report suspicions of child abuse.
  6. Increase confidence in ability to make a report of child abuse.
  7. Increase comfort in responding to child’s disclosure of abuse.

This training is open to all who wish to attend in Eastern District and Franconia Conference and highly encouraged for those working with children and youth within all congregations. This training is necessary for Franconia Conference credentialed leaders’ credential renewal.

Training will be offered on: