June 12, 2014

Trina Stutzman

Pastors receive coaching in life and wellness

by Lora Steiner, Franconia managing editor

When people think of health coaches, they usually think of Biggest Loser, the television show where participants vie each week to see who can lose the most weight—or someone with a whistle, like that annoying high school gym teacher who made your whole class run timed miles. Trina Stutzman isn’t one of those coaches. Stutzman, of Perkasie, Pa., is a wellness coach with Everence, through an initiative that offers combined support, education, and accountability to help people have more balance in their lives and increase their wellbeing. Read more….

Introducing Perkiomenville Mennonite Church

Perkiomenville Mennonite Church started in 1935 as a Sunday school for the children in the Perkiomenville area. Outreach is in the congregation’s DNA, and has guided the mission and activities of the congregation since it began; we provide pastoral care to those inside the church while also considering how our congregational life and activities will benefit those outside the church. Read more….

Pentecost Spring Mount 2014

Social Stream (FranconiaMC, #fmclife)

  • (FB) Iglesia Menonita Nueva Vida Norristown / Norristown New Life Mennonite Church: Good news! Montgomery County Association for the Blind is moving to Norristown–to our New Life Plaza in August! We are so excited to have them as a tenant/partner. Praise God for bringing this part of our vision into focus–into reality!
  • (Tw) @BethanyBirches  Campers on site = awesome
  • (photo) @chrisnickels  Presence of the Spirit, praying, listening to moving testimony, lots of candles, only 2 near fires…good Pentecost worship!

Mark Your Calendars

Mark your Calendar For a complete listing of upcoming events, check out the Franconia Conference Calendar. The Conference office keeps a Google calendar of congregational and Conference Related Ministries events to help avoid scheduling conflicts—so please help us keep it up to date! Add your event to the calendar by sending an event invitation to calendar@franconiaconference.org.

Conference Assembly 2014

  • WHEN: November 14 & 15, 2014
  • WHERE: Penn View Christian School in Souderton, Pa.
  • WHAT: Joint assembly with Eastern District Conference including worship, workshops, delegate sessions, and more!



Help Mennonite World Conference rceive a global grant

Mennonite World Conference received word recently that MWC  was nominated as a global grant recipient for Everence Federal Credit Union’s 2014 Rebate for Missions funds!   They indicated that voting takes place online via everence.com or at their  branch offices May 1 – June 30, 2014. The two organizations with the highest vote totals will share $14,000, the global portion of the Rebate for Missions tithe.

As persons interested in the ensuring adequate financial support of the ministry of MWC, going on line and "voting" for Mennonite World Conference to receive one of these two grants would help in a significant way to meet our budget for this year. A direct link to the page where votes can be cast is the following:   http://www.everence.com/showitem.aspx?id=18458     Please vote today, it is an easy process. It is our understanding that you do not have to be an Everence member, but do need to have an US address. We are grateful for inclusion of Mennonite World Conference as one of the global organizations that Everence members are encouraged to support through their charitable giving. 

Online Livecast: "Race, Mutuality, and Anabaptist Community" TONIGHT

What can Christians do and learn about racism? How do we name, explore, and critique violent systems, and navigate the tensions where we are complicit in racism–to whatever degree? How can the white majority in the North American church live in vulnerable community with persons of color, and how can persons of color be heard in the church? Can we envision change for white majority, white-dominated churches, institutions, schools and seminaries? Where are there examples of Anabaptist communities, bloggers, theologians, and networks modeling a more faithful way?

These questions and others will be explored during a special upcoming livecast panel discussion entitled “Race, Mutuality, and Anabaptist Community” produced by MennoNerds. The diverse range of panelists include Drew Hart, April Yamasaki, Tim Nafziger, Katelin Hansen, and Osheta Moore joined by Tyler Tully in conversation around race, mutuality, and Anabaptist community.


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