July 18, 2013

Elizabeth Soto Albrecht in Woodburn, OR

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We’re fit, prayerful, and we stick together

by Emily Ralph, eralph@franconiaconference.org

As we neared the park, the police officer guiding our prayer walk through the streets of Phoenix thanked Mennonite Church USA’s leaders for allowing her to participate in the event.  “Many groups string out and lag behind,” she said, “But you guys stick together, you’re fit, and you’re prayerful.  You’ve made my day." Read more….

Phoenix prayer walk

Elizabeth Soto Albrecht in Portland, OR

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Did you know that you can share your own story with Elizabeth and other members of Mennonite Church USA? If you or someone you know has a story of how God is working in your congregation, your experience as a member of Mennonite Church USA, an immigration experience, or your hopes and dreams for the Mennonite Church, click here. And check out these people from Franconia Conference who have already shared their stories.

Mark Your Calendars for a Pastors & Leaders Gathering with Elizabeth Soto Albrecht

You’ve been following Elizabeth’s journey online, on Facebook, through Intersectings. On Friday, August 23, 9-11 a.m., you will have the opportunity to hear and converse with Elizabeth, in person, about what she’s learned…on the other side of her journey.  This event will be held at the Mennonite Conference Center in Harleysville. There is no charge for this gathering. Beverages will be available, but NO breakfast will be served.  RSVP at www.franconiaconference.org/rsvp/