Jesus grew up normal

I have now officially spent a full 24 hours in Nazereth, Israel and I am still not sure exactly how I feel. I am jet lagged, and over whelmed by everything. As I was preparing for this trip I have thought about how it would feel to be some of the places that Jesus just may have been, and wondered what Jesus did while he was growing. Being here in this place makes me realize how little I really did know. I have realized that Jesus grew up normal. He had rules, and parents just like you and I. Although I always new this, soemtimes I saw being raised by the exception. The only exception was that he had to bear our sins on the cross that day on calvary in this very land with where I sit writing. It is because he died on the cross to save me and all of us that I ahve the privledge to be here today learning more about the Jesus that grew up and walked the streets of Nazareth almost 2,000 years ago.

After waking up and enjoying cucumbers, tomatoes, pitas, and humus for breakfast (yes, I actually ate humus); we headed out to Nazareth Village for orientation and the high hopes of being in the discovery film that was being filmed in the Village. When they arrived after lunch, the decided that they didn’t need all of us so we went a hung out in the synagoge talked a little and then some of us continued to walk around the town and get to know not only our surroundings, but each other better. Today was a good day for us as a group to continue to get to know each other and to continue to learn about the culture around us.

Ashley Moyer

5 thoughts on “Jesus grew up normal

  1. Hi Ashley,
    It was great to read your reflections from Nazareth! We are praying for your group, and we’re encouraging our Franconia congregation to follow your journals and photos on this website. By the way, we love hummus at our house. It’s great, and healthy too! Say ‘hi’ to your leader!

    God bless, Steve

  2. Dear Ashley,

    Sounds like you and your group are having a wonderful time. We think of your group often and pray daily for you and your group. May each of you continue to feel God’s presence during the remaining of your trip.Love mom

  3. Ashley,
    We continue to keep you and your group in our prayers. Our BFG is also keeping you all in our prayers. Continue to take in all you can see and do!
    Blessings to you and the group,
    Love Mom

  4. Hi Ashley!!
    Pastor Steve gave us the info so I could read your journal entries and make my comments! I have been thinking of you so much and the picture of you “lounging” is BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful keepsake of your time in the Holy Lands.
    I hope you are well and finish the rest of your trip with peace!
    Much love,
    Louise Halteman

  5. Hi Ashley!

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and learning a lot! Enjoy your time abroad! We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!!

    Love Ya

    Chris & Jen

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