January 4, 2013

Souderton Center

Franconia Conference moves toward a debt free 2013

Franconia Conference is entering the new year debt-free after receiving payment for the sale of the Indian Creek Road Farm’s development rights late last week.  The proceeds of the sale were used to pay off around 90% of the mortgage on the Souderton Center on December 27.  Read more….

Are you a tourist or a pilgrim?

by John Stoltzfus, Conference Youth Minister

For many youth leaders and youth, this is the time that preparations begin in earnest for summer trips. Many are planning for the Mennonite Convention in Phoenix while others are planning service trips local and beyond. Are we preparing our youth to go as pilgrims or tourists? Read more….

Youth Leadership Retreat

Logan, Emily, and Cadi

Living in grace and difference

by Emily Ralph, Salford congregation

My most vivid memory from the fall of 1987 was sitting in a circle with my preschool classmates taking turns shaking a jar of cream an impossibly long time until it became—wonder of wonders!—butter.  There isn’t much drama when you’re four. Read more….

Social Stream (FranconiaMC, #fmclife)

Bethany Birches ice rink


Featured Blog: New Year’s Reconciliations*

by Ken Byler, Higher Ground Leaders Forum

As 2012 draws to a close many of us, leaders included, pause to reflect on the past year and consider what lies ahead in the new one Some will choose to assemble a list of resolutions they hope will make them healthier, happier, or more successful. Most, if not all, of these New Year’s promises will be discarded within a few weeks. It’s a ritual that has been repeated many times. Read more….

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Mark Your Calendars

Mark your Calendar For a complete listing of upcoming events, check out the Franconia Conference Calendar. The Conference office keeps a Google calendar of congregational and Conference Related Ministries events to help avoid scheduling conflicts—so please help us keep it up to date! Add your event to the calendar by sending an event invitation to calendar@franconiaconference.org.
Pastors & CRM Leaders’ Breakfasts

8-10 a.m. at the Mennonite Conference Center, Harleysville. Suggested donation: $6.50.

  • January 10: Following the events of Sept. 11, 2001, Rev. Kelly Denton-Borhaug, Associate Professor and Chair of the Religion Department at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, began to investigate the links between Christian understandings of sacrifice and U.S. militarism and war. She has authored U.S. War-culture, Sacrifice and Salvation, which relates to the theme of this year’s Winter Peace Retreat at Spruce Lake Retreat – Register
  • February 21: Illegal handguns and the law of sin and death” with J. Frederick Kauffman and Drick Boyd.
Spring Training 2013

  • WHEN: March 6 or 9, 9am-1pm
  • WHAT: Equipping for all Franconia Conference credentialed leaders–this will be offered twice this year, so please choose the date that works for your schedule and add it to your calender today!

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