January 23, 2014


Researcher meets pope

by Kelli YoderMennonite World Review

Halfway through a conference on Christianity and freedom, Chad Bauman and his fellow presenters were told the schedule had changed. The next morning they crossed the street from the Pontifical Urbaniana University and met the pope. Read more…

Souderton’s Chestnut St Playground to be done by summer

by Bob Keeler, The Reporter Online (reposted by permission)

Can you tell they’re excited?

“We have a builder!!! We have a builder!!! Yahooooo,” Chestnut Street Playground Community Cares Facebooked Jan. 7. “Groundbreaking info coming ASAP!!!” Read more….

Souderton playground

Salford Mennonite Church

Introducing Salford Mennonite Church

Salford Mennonite Church, located in Harleysville, Pa., was founded in 1717.  An agrarian congregation throughout its history, the past 50 years has seen a transition to a suburban and professional lifestyle for its members. Church leadership consists of a pastoral team of four with additional support staff, and a church board made up of nine members.  Present membership is 450, with an average Sunday morning attendance of 300. Read more….

New Ways of Being Christian

by Chris Nickels, Mennonite Road*

I have been participating in a year-long seminary class which is a survey of the Christian Tradition. We are using Justo Gonzalez’s two-volume The Story of Christianity as one of our texts. This week a particular paragraph in Volume II stood out to me, and also provided some good discussion material for our class time. In describing the atmosphere of the 16th century Reformation, Gonzalez wrote… Read more…

Mennonite Rd
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