January 10, 2013

Steve Kriss

The good news is still breaking

by Stephen Kriss, Director of Leadership Cultivation

“After a sermon like that, I just want to cry,” commented octogenarian Roma Ruth, reflecting on Salford intern John Tyson’s debut sermon on Sunday.  John is an Eastern Mennonite University and Christopher Dock High School grad studying now at Princeton Seminary.  His internship represents the best of flourishing conference, congregation, and community relationships.  He is learning alongside his old high school history teacher, Joe Hackman, who is now Salford’s lead pastor. Read more….

Remembering Becky Felton

from the Peace & Justice Committee of Eastern District and Franconia Conferences

The 2012 Peace Mug Award for Franconia and Eastern District Conferences, announced at the  joint fall Conference Assembly, honors Becky Felton, who passed away peacefully on November 2, 2012 after a courageous struggle with cancer. Becky was a persistent advocate for peace and justice in her congregation, in her community, and with the Peace & Justice Committee. Read more….

Becky Felton

Kelly Denton-Borhaug

U.S. War-culture, Sacrifice and Salvation

This morning, Denton-Borhaug spoke at the Pastors and CRM Leaders’ Breakfast about the topic of her book, U.S. War-culture, Sacrifice and Salvation. A “war-culture,” said Denton-Borhaug, is the increasing interpenetration of the ethos and practices of war into ever-increasing facets of daily human life.  Drawing on information from economists, sociologists, and pop culture, Denton-Borhaug gave illustrations of how this war-culture has developed and overdeveloped, especially in the years since 9/11, and how the language of sacrifice fosters what can be considered a national “war religion.”

Listen to the podcast….

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  • (FB) Christopher Dock In chapel, Sam Lapp and Luke Martin, shared with students about following the way of peace when confronted with the possibility of serving in the military during a time of war. (video).
  • (Tw) @SpringMountMC We’re hosting a Sacred Rhythms group starting in February. Wanna join us?
  • (photo) Penn View Christian School Aloha! 2nd grade students dressed up like native Hawaiians …what a fun way to learn!
Penn View Hawaiian days

moravian star

Featured blog: Arise, Shine

by Amy Yoder McGloughlin, Stories from the Red Tent*

If you drive by this church building between Christmas and January 6, and you are really paying attention, you’ll notice the Moravian star shining in the balcony window at night.  It’s subtle and lovely. This year I caught sight of it when it was frigidly cold and I was trying to fill up the car with gas across the street.  The kids were in the back of the car—worn out and cranky from what they described as “being dragged around” all day. Read more….

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  • February 21: Illegal handguns and the law of sin and death” with J. Frederick Kauffman and Drick Boyd.

See with New Eyes Anti-racism Training

  • WHEN: February 22–24, 2013
  • WHERE: Philadelphia Mennonite High School
  • WHAT: A training that lays the groundwork for intercultural development of congregations, conferences, and organizations that is antiracist, transformational, and Anabaptist.
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