Indonesian Idol visits Pennsylvania

by Patrecia Fernanda

Patrecia poses for a photo with Mike Prabawa Mohede, the new Indonesian IdolOn September 16, 2006, the winner of Indonesian Idol 2005, Michael “Mike” Prabawa Mohede, visited Philadelphia. I had the privilege of interviewing Mike before he began practice with Philadelphia Praise Center’s worship team who joined him on his ministry tour stop in Scranton, PA. Mike was born into a Christian family and grew up in a relationship with Jesus. He shared how his faith was tested after his father “went to the eternal home” in 2001. Mike’s relationship with his father was very close and he not only lost his father but also a mentor. “God is always good,” he testified. “At that time I was ready to start my college years and the loss of my father made it seem that every door was closed but God worked in a different way. He opened many doors for me and I believe in every test there is always a purpose.”

When I asked Mike how he feels about winning the Indonesian Idol contest, he joyfully said “unbelievable and unpredictable.” He had dreamed of becoming a singer since he was 11 and after winning Indonesian Idol he’s more passionate about singing for Jesus. Now he is eagerly planning to make an Indonesian gospel album. “Ministry, like my worship and song, is telling a story. I hope every time I sing I can be a media for people meeting face to face with God to recharge their faith.”

Even with the blessing of being the Indonesian Idol, Mike considers himself a quiet and shy person and is uncomfortable with the attention his fame has brought him. Simply eating at a restaurant can make him the center of attention. He likes to be with ordinary people where not many know who he is. He is an normal man who wants to buy a house for his mother and hopes to marry a woman like her someday.

It’s amazing when God works through someone as humble as Mike who lets God se him for his purposes more and more.