GPS 2012: Boldly opening doors to Christ-centered Mennonite education

Christopher Dock Mennonite High School, Penn View Christian School, and Quakertown Christian School, in partnership with Eastern District Conference and Franconia Mennonite Conference, recently completed a strategic planning process to shape the future of Mennonite/Anabaptist education in the Bux-Mont area. A launch of the five-year plan – GPS 2012: Boldly Opening Doors to Christ-Centered Mennonite Education – was held at the three schools in May. GPS refers to “globally positioned students,” the goal that graduates of all three schools are prepared to make a positive difference around the globe.

The four primary goals of the strategic plan are as follows:

1. Connections
Mission-driven, action-oriented collaboration among schools, families, congregations, and conferences advances Mennonite education in the tri-school area.

2. Accessibility
Mennonite education in the tri-school area is more accessible to our core constituents.

3. Educational Excellence
Mennonite education in the tri-school area is exemplary in its continued pursuit of excellence in Christ-centered teaching and learning with a defined and articulated Mennonite/Anabaptist worldview.

4. Impact
Tri-school community members are recognizable by their Christ-centered impact as pilgrim servants building God’s kingdom locally and globally.

“It is exciting to see the energy of the three boards working together at common issues that we all need to address,” said Bradley C. Landis, chair of Dock’s Board of Trustees. “We need to continue to find ways to reduce the redundancy that we have in our three separate schools and join together in new ways to reach out to our congregations, conferences, and community to support and strengthen Mennonite Christian education in our area.”

Consultant Christina Drouin, executive director of the Center for Strategic Planning, has been working with the three schools since February 2006. Students, families, faculty, staff, administrators, and pastors attended a symposium in September of 2006 to determined vision and goals.

The next step is to carry out the plan through specific initiatives. Each school has an action team that will oversee the implementation of the plan. An immediate area of focus is the three schools collaborating on the accreditation process.

Published with permission from Christopher Dock Mennonite High School (