God Always Shows Up In Unexpected Ways

During advent we focus on the journey of Mary and Joseph, culminating in the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ; it’s a story full of God showing up in unexpected ways.  At a recent Ministerial Committee meeting, Ken Burkholder, pastor at Deep Run East, shared an article that speaks on how we need to allow God to show up in unexpected ways by not striving to be so perfect and remembering that being good enough is good enough.

The article — “A Case for Good Enough Parenting and Pastoring” — has the author, Ken Evers-Hood, reflecting on another story of Mary and Joseph, where they failed their important task “to keep an eye on the boy.” From this he draws lessons for pastors and parents about the importance of not being perfect, remembering that “being good enough is enough, trusting that God through the Holy Spirit really will show up as God always does: in a way no one expects.” It’s a good reminder for us all as this season often has us pulled in multiple directions.