Finland Congregation Celebrates Ordination of Kris Wint

by Colin Ingram

Kris Wint ordination webAccording to Marvin Reinford, it was only the second ordination worship in recent history at the Finland congregation and the first in its new meetinghouse facilities on Ziegler Road.  After three years of licensed ministry, Finland’s lead pastor Kris Wint was ordained on June 28.    Wint has moved into the lead pastor role following John Ehst, who is now serving as the congregation’s associate pastor until a new pastor might be called.

“We just give thanks to God for His grace and His leading in the way we here at Finland sense God building his church,” Ehst said.

In the ordination sermon, Derek Cooper of Biblical Theological Seminary affirmed Wint’s gifting as a prophet amongst the spiritual gifts of Ephesians 4:11.  After highlighting the ministry of Kris to his family and congregation, Cooper said, “I specifically believe that one of the primary callings that God has on Kris, is that he is a prophet.” Wint has a love for the truth because of his given spiritual gift of prophecy and must continue to speak God’s Word to people content with the “status quo” even as a “lone voice in the wilderness” according to Cooper.

Finland’s LEADership Minister Noel Santiago led the ordination.  “On behalf of these your brothers and sisters here at Finland, on behalf of Franconia Conference, we ordain you as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and commit this congregation to your spiritual care,” Santiago said.

Stephen Kriss, Director of Leadership Cultivation and Congregational Resourcing, presented gifts of a fraktur and oil lamp from the Conference.

At the end of the ordination service, Pastor Sandy Drescher-Lehman of Souderton Mennonite Church, presented her father John Drescher’s last Bible to Wint in a stirring and teary moment. Drescher was a significant influence on Wint, Ehst, and the people of Finland.   Drescher died last summer.   Wint is married to Drescher’s granddaughter Ginger and they have four children.