Faith & Life


* February 11 & 13: Sexual & Gender Identities
* May 6 & 7: National and Political identities
* August 19 & 20: Socioeconomic Status
* November 18 & 19: Age and Pastoral Identity throughout life


Faith and Life Gatherings are designated meetings for credentialed and retired leaders in both Eastern District and Franconia Conference.

At our Fall 2015 Assembly, the Conference passed the Faith and Life Church Together Statement, calling for the formation of the Faith and Life Commission with the purpose of providing space for pastors and credentialed leaders within the Conference to study scripture with one another. The gatherings are held for the purpose of establishing and supporting relationships among pastors and credentialed leaders and building ties of friendship and support.


  • This month we will have a panel of three credentialed leaders who represent various practices of church membership.  You will then have an opportunity to reflect on the following questions around your table:

    • What does church membership mean or look like in your context?
    • What are the theological understandings that drive this approach?
    • When has this approach proven beneficial?  When has it been problematic?

    It may be helpful to bring a copy of your church membership policy or church covenant.