Eight ordained pastors at Methacton Mennonite Church Pulpit

bill-kull.jpgWilliam (Bill) Kull of West Point, PA was ordained to Christian ministry for the Methacton Mennonite Church on December 10, 2006, during a morning service at the church. Bill and his wife Susan have been members of Methacton Mennonite since 1987. Bill has been on the Pastoral Team at Methacton since July 2003, and before that was a lay leader in the congregation. Officiating and preaching at the service was Noah Kolb, Conference overseer for the Methacton Mennonite Church.

Also joining the congregation the morning of December 10 were several other ministers, seen here standing in the old pulpit of the church, which was built in the 1800s. From left to right: Clayton Swartzentuber, previous pastor and current member at Methacton Mennonite, Luke Beidler (on current Pastoral Teams at both Methacton Mennonite and Norristown New Life/Nueva Vida), Dawn Ruth Nelson (current lead pastor of Methacton Mennonite), Bill Kull, Marty Kolb-Wyckoff (chaplain at Rockhill Mennonite retirement home and currently worshipping at Methacton Mennonite), Noah Kolb, overseer, Don McDonough, a friend of Bill Kull’s who is now a pastor at Spring Mount Mennonite Church; and John Ruth (friend of the Methacton congregation and father of Dawn Nelson).