Eastern Mennonite Seminary class to be held at Dock Woods

leadership-stock.jpgAs part of Eastern Mennonite University’s continuing partnership with Franconia Mennonite Conference to equip leaders to empower others to embrace God’s mission, a seminary course will be held from January 29-May 6 at Dock Woods Community in Lansdale, Pa.

The three-credit graduate course, Conversations in Contemporary Anabaptist Theology and Ethics, is designed to engage both experienced and emerging leaders with 20th and 21st Century Anabaptist thought and practice. The course is recommended both for persons who have much experience with Mennonite leadership and persons who are exploring Anabaptist ideals and possibilities. The class can also be audited.

According to instructor, Franconia Conference Director of Communication and Leadership Cultivation Steve Kriss, “I am excited about the opportunity to explore both historic and contemporary perspectives, to examine some of the possibilities and the tensions that exist for us as Anabaptist seeking to live the way of Jesus in an interconnected age.” Eastern Mennonite Seminary has offered numerous classes in the Philadelphia region, but is seeking to establish a more regular presence in the region. According to Mark Wenger, Eastern Mennonite Seminary’s Lancaster Director of Pastoral Studies, a Master of Divinity program that would allow students to complete studies collaboratively with EMS and other seminaries in the region is under development.

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