Eastern Mennonite Seminary Awards Anabaptist Studies Scholars

Mike Metzler has received funding from the Area Conference Leadership Training Fund and is a member of Towamencin Mennonite Church.

Laura Lehman Amstutz

“Two students from Eastern Mennonite Seminary were awarded the Linden Wenger Anabaptist Studies Award this week.
Mike Metzler.jpg
J. Michael Metzler, a first-year student from Charlotte, NC won the first prize, $400, for his paper titled “Removing the Trenches: A Conversation Between John Calvin and Menno Simons on the Effects of Ecclesiology on Excommunication.”

First-year student Samuel Hernandez, of Harrisonburg, VA won the second place prize, $200, with his paper titled, “The Church, Religion and State Through the Eyes of Balthasar Hubmaier and Michael Sattler.”

The Linden M. Wenger Anabaptist Studies Award recognizes outstanding student papers integrating Biblical and historical scholarship with pastoral application from an Anabaptist believers church perspective. Both these student’s submitted papers written for Christian Tradition II a required first-year course.

Linden Wenger served for many years as a professor on the faculty of EMS and as a leader within the Virginia Mennonite Conference.
In an effort to encourage Eastern Mennonite Seminary students to study Anabaptist history, Walter and Leanne Smith of Clearwater, Florida, established the Linden M. Wenger Anabaptist Studies Award in 2001.”

Original aricle posted on 4/19/07 at http://www.emu.edu/seminary/features/lindenwenger