Don’t Worry be Happy!

The second I woke up this morning I realized that it was going to be a scorcher. The air was dry and the sun was beating down in my room and I already started to feel hot and gross. Today was our first day working at Nazareth Village and since it was so hot I knew that we would all hate being outside. I was worried that the costumes would be uncomfortable and itchy. I also worried that the work would be tiring and hard. However, today was a great day. We all loved being in the Village and getting to know the people there. In fact, the costumes were extremely comfortable and quite light. The work was fun and easy. Yes, it was hot however, we eventually got use to it and forgot about it.

The first century costumes were interesting to put on. Eventually, we all got use to them and were quite fond of them. Tim, Dave, and Ben were assigned to build a roof on one of the homes in the village. Khalicia and Karah got what we thought would be the easy job, however, it was the job of helping out in the kitchen. Ashley, Dana, and I had the privilege of helping in the vineyard. We mostly ate the grapes however, we made sure that the grapes were off the ground and away from the bugs and dirt. It was a fun job because we got to work and talk at the same time. Ashley, Dana, and I all got to know each other better. It was a great time to share stories and reflect. We also met this amazing lady named Evon. She has been working with Nazareth Village before it even opened. She is a fun and energetic lady. Fun to talk to and laugh with. She showed us girls how to weave. It was an experience I will never forget.

Today taught me a lot. It taught me not to worry and complain about the little things. Life is more important! In Matthew 6:25 Jesus says, “Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more imortant than food, and the body more important than clothes?” Worrying about the weather or the clothes I am wearing is very pointless and a waste of my time. Today was amazing and I hope that tomorrow will bring new memories and laughter. I can’t wait!

Kate Bender

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  1. Hey Babe,

    Saw your picture and read your message. Sounds like you are having some great experiences and learning alot. It’s so cool that we can see and hear what you’re going each day through the blog web-site. We love your e-mails;keep them coming. Kate, we’re not sure you’re getting our e-mails. We wrote a couple of times using “dakebender” but I’am not sure we’re doing it right. Please let us know if you’re getting our messages ok?Greeting to your team; you’re all continually in our thoughts and prayers.

    With much,much love, Mom&Dad

  2. Kate,
    We, too, enjoyed seeing you in costume – your first century clothes. Austin knew it was you. I think you look beautiful. I printed out the journal so far (the blog of what everyone has written) and we read it at our dinner table this evening. It’s great that we can feel somewhat connected with you guys even though you are so far away. We’re thinking of you and praying for you. I loved your blog. Glad things were put into perspective for you and that you got a glimpse of not worrying about the small stuff. Glad you can experience this, Kate!
    Love ya.
    Aunt Alli, for Uncle Arnold, Alex and Austin too

  3. Katelyn,
    Loved the subject of your journal…. don’t worry, be happy. You picked out a very appropriate scripture for the lesson you have learned. Better watch out, if there are any Holywood scouts looking to cast a beautiful young woman for a Biblical film, YOU may just get an offer. Brandon is going on a missions trip to Costa Rica from Aug 5-13. Very proud of my grandchildren….. and your parents for letting you go so far from home! The very safest place on earth is in the center of God’s will. Walk with the King today and be a blessing, Grammy and PopPop Moyer

  4. Kate – loved your blog! glad to hear you are having a good time; the experience sounds neat. i also appreciate your reflections, and what you are learning. Our Mexico team is sharing at church this Sunday – we will miss you! Dios te Bentigo! (or something like that) Leon

  5. Katelyn,
    We missed you today at church for sharing about Mexico, and there were some sweet pics of you with the children at your VBS. We know though that just as he did in Mexico, God has something great planned for you in Israel and for the people that you come in contact with. I read your blog about cooking breakfast. What set-up is it that you are using to cook? and Are you liking the middleeastern foods that you have had already? Continued thoughts and prayers are with you and your group.

  6. Kate,
    We’re praying for you!! I bet the time is flying by and you’re soaking in everything around you. By seeing a few pictures and reading your thoughts and what you’re doing helps me to imagine just what it’s like…working in a vineyard in native dress…it’s like stepping back in time or remembering a few of those Jesus films. What a rich time! May God just pour out His love to those around you with His heart of compassion, simple and pure, and let, yes LET HIM do the work He wants to do both in others and yourself. Your enthusiasm is contagious!
    Love from all the Bergeys, Mary

  7. Hi Kate! We were so glad your mom shared with the congregation this website to get an update on your travels. What an awesome opportunity! We enjoyed reading your jounal today and getting to hear about the wonderful spirtual journey you are having so far. God has a special plan for you and your team as you connect with so many people in these three weeks. Our prayers are with you and we will be excited to see all your pictures and hear all about your many adventures when you come home.

    Love from the Kisers – Denise, Jeff, Jonathan and Amanda

  8. hey darling!
    i miss you. i hope you are having an amazing time. it sure sounds like you are. today we shared in church about mexico and as i watched the slide show it reminded me of all the fun we had together. i can’t wait to see your pictures when you come back both from mexico and israel. i just wanted to let you know that i was thinking about. and you are an amazing person and i know that everyone around you is seeing that. i hope you feel God’s presence in ways you never thought possible. may you see God in the faces that surround you and know that he is always there for you. and remember you can do all things through him who gives you strength.
    love ya and miss ya lots,

  9. Dear Kate, How are you doing today? It was so much fun to read your journal and find out about the rich and rewarding experiences you are having. You will remember this trip for the rest of your life and I know this is just one stepping stone to other travels you will be doing. You are creating many wonderful memories that will have a lasting impact on your future. May the Lord richly bless you as you share His love with those you meet through your beautiful smile, positive attitude, words of encouragement, high level of enthusiasm and energy, and the way you are portraying scripture. Use the gifts God has given you. You are in our prayers. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences. Love, Myrna Moyer

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