December 6, 2012

Holiday Meal

Thanksgiving at the beach … and other tales, part 2

After Hurricane Sandy, our congregation held "storm kitchens," where we gathered to cook for those without power.  After the initial crisis passed, we asked ourselves as a missional mentoring group, "What’s next?" One of the young women suggested thanking our local fire fighters.  For many in our group, cooking and serving food is our passion and gift, a way that we express love and care for others.  So on November 27th and 29th, we served Thanksgiving dinner at two firehouses in Roslyn and Hilltown (Pa). Read more….

Resolutions are back, but with a difference

After collecting input from across the church, Mennonite Church USA’s Executive Board has adopted a revised process for developing resolutions and church statements for adoption at the denomination’s biennial delegate assemblies. This new process applies to resolutions to be proposed for discussion at the Phoenix 2013 Delegate Assembly in July. Read more (Español & English)….

Mennonite Church USA Phoenix Convention

alarm clock

God@Work: A Persistent Morning Cue

I am an unapologetic snooze-button smacker.  It is my habit to set my alarm for 5:30 each morning just for the pleasure of slapping (and ignoring) it several times before I am forced to actually rise from my soft, warm bed. The snooze button is insistent, chirping at regular intervals to rouse me from sleep and I’ve noticed lately that one of the persistently obnoxious intervals has been occurring at exactly 6:06 a.m. Read more….

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Spring Mount Christmas Tea

Bethany Birches

Featured Blog: Seeing God at Camp
(Bethany Birches)*

Camp is like an ocean. If you really think about it, there are only really two types of oceans out there.

First, the Pacific. When Balboa first laid eyes on this body, the only name he could give to it was one redolent of smooth, un-agitated seas, an environment of warmth, gentle sailing, calm and serenity. It appeared this way of course, out of contrast with the second ocean. Read more….

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  • January 10: Rev. Kelly Denton-Borhaug, Associate Professor and Chair of the Religion Department at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA.
  • February 21: Illegal handguns and the law of sin and death” with J. Frederick Kauffman and Drick Boyd.

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