Credential Renewal Process

Purpose of Credential Renewal Process:

Franconia Mennonite Conference (FMC) encourages the credentialing of all pastors, chaplains, and conference oversight persons. Credentialing may also be granted to youth pastors, worship/music leaders, mission workers and related ministries with similar responsibilities. As apostle Paul urges the church of Ephesus in Ephesians 4:1 to live a life worthy of the calling God has placed upon them, so to Franconia Mennonite Conference urges those holding credentials through the conference. In an effort to maintain accountability and to support credentialed leaders, the conference requires credentials to be renewed every three years (36 months). All credentials expire on December 31st of the same year. The following credential renewal process has been developed to ensure accountability and support for all credentialed leaders.

Renewal Process:

Every three year (36 months), all Franconia Mennonite Conference Credentialed Leaders will be required to complete the following tasks to maintain active credentials through Franconia Mennonite Conference. Failure to complete these tasks will result in credentials being placed on hold until completion or terminated for failure to comply. Upon the completion of the following tasks the credentialed person will receive a new credentialed identification card indicating their credentials remain active within the conference.

Tasks to be completed for credential renewal:

  1. Complete the requests for and obtain certification of background checks (State Criminal Record Check, State Child Abuse Record Check, and either the FBI Criminal Record Check or signed “Swear and Affirm Statement.”)
    • Click here to see which background checks are applicable to you in your state of residence.
    • Once the above certifications are obtained an original copy must be seen by either the LEADership Minister or conference administrative staff. A copy of all background certifications are required to be submitted to the conference office with documentation from the LEADership Minister or administrative staff regarding the name of the individual who saw the originals and the date the originals were seen. This is in accordance to Pennsylvania Child Protection Safety Laws.
    • All state police criminal record checks and state child abuse history clearances must be completed in the state the credentialed leader resides in.
    • Franconia Mennonite Conference may grant credentials to undocumented persons. In the case of an undocumented person, they would be required to complete and sign a “Swear and Affirm” document. Undocumented credentialed persons would be exempt from the above background check.
    • The following are samples of what the conference office needs to see:
  2. Attend/ Complete Mandated Reporter Training
    • Each year that credentials are up for renewal the conference will offer mandated reporter training. All credentialed leaders are mandated reporters under state laws. While some states do grant exceptions for “pastoral communication,” outside that designated communication all credentialed leaders are mandated reporters and therefore must complete the training.
    • Proof of completion may be, but is not limited to, signing in to a conference offered training event and staying for the remainder of the training, presentation of a certificate of completion from a state certified training, note from a trainer stating you attended and completed a state-certified training.
    • Mandated reporter training is required to be completed within the state of the credentialed leaders’ place of residence. The conference will work to identify available trainings within each state that conference credentialed leaders reside.
  3. Sign and Submit the following documents to the conference office: (Click the links to access the documents)
  4. Submit a photograph for use on your credential card.
    • The year credentials are up for renewal, the conference will supply an opportunity for credentialed leaders to have their photograph taken at conference assembly to be used on their credential identification card. Credentialed leaders may take advantage of this opportunity.
    • If credentialed leaders do not have their photograph taken at the designated time during conference assembly the year credentials are up for renewal, they are required to submit a recent photograph of themselves, similar to a passport photo, to the conference administrative coordinator. These photographs should be emailed.


Upon completion of the above tasks the credentialed leader will receive a credentialed identification card. All tasks must be completed and paperwork submitted to the conference office no later than December 31st of the year credentials expire. If all documentation is submitted prior to November 1st of that year a new credential identification card will be issued by December 31st. If the tasks and paperwork are not received by December 31st, credentials will be on hold and a new card will not be issued until all tasks and paperwork are completed and submitted to conference office. Failure to complete the tasks and paperwork in a timely manner may result in a review by the ministerial committee.