Count Down to Assembly: Delegate Scattered Meetings Wrap-Up

In eight days, people from across three states will gather at Penn View Christian School for the Franconia Mennonite and Eastern District joint Conference Assembly. All those planning to attend are asked to register at  HERE.

scattered photoOver the past two weeks, delegates and their congregations have been reviewing three Church Together Statements, each one scheduled to be voted on at assembly. The statements each stand on their own but are interlocking as the conference confers around how to continue moving forward as the Church Together, the body of Christ. All three statements: Going to the Margins, Grace & Truth, and Faith & Life, can be found on the Franconia website HERE.

Delegates have gathered at assembly scattered meetings across the region to begin the discernment process on the Church Together Statements. They have been asked to consider specific questions for each of the statements.

For Going to the Margins, delegates were asked: How would this manifest in your congregation? Who are the marginalized in your congregation and community? The conference leadership asked delegates to consider three questions for both the Grace & Truth and Faith & Life statements. Those questions were: What clarification is needed in these statements? What basic things need to be considered in discerning/implementing these statements? How can we build trust with one another? Delegates were encouraged to take those questions back to their congregations and send responses to the by November 10th. The feedback received on Going to the Margins will be available to inform delegates on the thoughts of other conference members. The feedback on the other two statements will allow the conference leadership to work at providing clarity to ease the conferring process and inform their facilitation of the process.

Stay tuned to the conference assembly website for all your assembly needs!