Conference Finance Update — June 2011

The 2011-12 fiscal year is one-third complete. Revenue has fallen $20,000 behind budget, mostly due to congregational contributions coming in slower than previous years. Expenses have exceeded the budget by $4,000 at this point in the year. The budget for both revenue and expenses is seasonally adjusted to reflect when activity is more likely to occur.

A sampling of the various activities of the conference during the months of April & May:

  • Area Conference Leadership Fund scholarships totaling $7,862 were given to five persons who are attending seminary in anticipation of future church or ministry leadership.
  • $6,900 in Missional Operations Grants were given to two congregations (Boyertown Mennonite Church and New Beginnings Community Church) and one Conference Related Ministry (Philadelphia Mennonite High School) for new ministry projects.
  •  Two young adults were given opportunities to test their gifts through the Ministry Inquiry Program, partnering with Mennonite colleges and congregations.
  • Conference staff Steve Kriss, Director of Leadership Cultivation, has been working with Kirk Hanger and New Hope Fellowship on a new Spanish-speaking church plant in Baltimore.
  •  Conference leaders held various collaborative planning meetings with or concerning:
    • Leaders from several other Mennonite conferences based in the Northeastern states; these meetings occur biannually.
    • Joint youth ministry vision planning meeting with Eastern District and Christopher Dock Mennonite High School.
    • Conference Related Ministry relationships with Living Branches, Philadelphia Mennonite and Christopher Dock Mennonite High Schools, Indian Creek Foundation, and Peaceful Living.
    • New partnering relationships with Eastern District Conference, including moving toward a shared Conference Assembly this fall.
  • Sandy Landes, conference prayer coordinator, hosted an International Day of Prayer and weekly intercessory prayer meetings at the Conference Center.
  • Gay Brunt Miller, Director of Administration, coordinated and facilitated the bi-monthly Conference chaplain’s lunch, which typically includes 12-15 chaplains, at Frederick Mennonite Community.
  • Marlene Frankenfield, Conference Youth Minister, attended the Mennonite Church USA Youth Ministry Council that was held at the Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp in Colorado Springs.

Finance Report July 2011