Conference called to day of prayer for Haiti

The recent hurricane season has left the people of Haiti devastated. So far hurricanes Gustav, Hanna and Ike have caused the deaths of over 1100 people and left more than 80,000 people without food, clean water and shelter. It is predicted that over 300,000 children in Haiti will not only be unable to attend school but will also suffer from malnutrition due to the devastation of Haiti’s agricultural plantations.According to Pastor Lesly Bertrand, of Grace Assembly Network, a Franconia Conference Partner in Mission, in the next few months his country “will be found in a misery without name” as the resulting poverty and symptoms of such devastation rise.In response to this tragedy Franconia Conference invites all conference congregations and ministries to designate World Communion Day, October 5, as a day of prayer and fasting for Haiti.Pastor Bertrand has requested specific prayer for protection against more natural disasters, for wisdom for Haiti’s government as they distribute international aid, for substantial aid to be given and for the Haitian people to continue to turn their hearts towards God.In addition to support through prayer, Pastor Bertrand has also recommended that churches who want to do more can collect money, non-perishable food, summer clothing, heath kits and school kits. The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Material Resource Center of Harleysville has agreed to serve as a collection point for these items and will prepare them for shipment. Items should be marked for Grace Assembly Network and delivered to the MCC warehouse at 461C Indian Creek Road, Harleysville, PA.For more information on MCC’s involvement in Haiti and a slideshow documenting the hurricane damage click here.Click here to view an album of photos taken by Gay Brunt Miller in October of 2004.Click here for a PDF of  A World Communion Day litany.