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On Becoming a Church Invested in Racial Justice

Ewuare Osayande

Ewuare Osayande, anti-oppression coordinator for Mennonite Central Committee, joined us Thursday for a pastors breakfast entitled “Proactive Pastorship: On Becoming a Church Invested in Racial Justice.”

Ewuare challenged congregational leaders to understand the concept of “race:” a social construct emerging out of colonialism and slavery. Once congregations understand race, they can begin to have a conversation about racism and the impact racism has had on all people.

Gathering with Elizabeth Soto Albrecht

Elizabeth Soto Albrecht, the new moderator of Mennonite Church USA, recently completed a 3-week journey around the United States visiting Mennonite Church USA congregations. Elizabeth joined pastors and Conference Related Ministry leaders on August 23 to share her learnings and challenges from that journey and hopes for the future of the church and to listen to stories and answer questions from Franconia and Eastern District leaders.

Preventing Gun Violence

Gun Violence Pastors Breakfast

Drick Boyd, professor at Eastern University, and Fred Kauffman from Mennonite Central Committee (both from West Philadelphia congregation) shared stories of gun violence and redemption and encouraged leaders to engage their congregations around the topic of gun violence and gun control. There are deeper issues in our culture, Boyd said, and getting rid of guns won’t remove those deeper issues, but “at least we’ll live long enough to address them.”

U.S. War-culture, Sacrifice and Salvation

Kelly Denton-Borhaug

This morning, Denton-Borhaug spoke at the Pastors and CRM Leaders’ Breakfast about the topic of her book, U.S. War-culture, Sacrifice and Salvation. A “war-culture,” said Denton-Borhaug, is the increasing interpenetration of the ethos and practices of war into ever-increasing facets of daily human life. Using information from economists, theologians, and philosophers, Denton-Borhaug gave illustrations of how this war-culture has developed and overdeveloped, especially in the years since 9/11, and how the language of sacrifice fosters what can be considered a national “war religion.”

Acting like Christians: Working toward justice

Samantha Lioi

Samantha Lioi, Minister of Peace & Justice for Franconia and Eastern District Conferences led this morning’s Pastors’ and CRM Leaders’ Breakfast on the topic of Acting Like Christians: Peacemaking Within and Beyond the Body of Christ. During the breakfast Lioi reviewed responses to her congregational visitation, facilitated conversation on future priorities, and engaged leaders in considering how we move from charity to justice.

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Welcoming ex-offenders: Pastors Breakfast with Liberty Ministries

Jonathan Lewis and Charlie Ness

Liberty Ministries exists to serve offenders in prison and ex-offenders in the community by showing God’s love, providing practical assistance, and supporting Biblical standards of justice.  At Wednesday morning’s breakfast, Bob Thompson, executive director, Jonathan Lewis, director of the residential program, and Charlie Ness, pastor of Perkiomenville congregation and one of the ministry’s founders, shared … Continue reading Welcoming ex-offenders: Pastors Breakfast with Liberty Ministries

Church leaders discuss ways to build bridges with Muslims

by Emily Ralph Norristown, PA — “The greatest challenge the church is facing today is the rapid rise of Islam around the world.” It was a bold statement, but Dr. Andrew Bush, a missionary, church planter, and professor of missiology, believes that this challenge is one the church is called to engage. “As representatives of … Continue reading Church leaders discuss ways to build bridges with Muslims