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Church Lives

By Ben Sutter

What is Church? This summer, as a ministry inquiry intern with Franconia Conference, I have seen Church live in so many ways. I’ve interacted and reacted to people, thoughts, and spiritual movements around me. I’ve asked questions. I have seen the incredible similarities and vast differences between what people call ‘Church.’

Can a conference be Church? What about a denomination? Can one person start Church? Can Church be one person? What is Church anyway? Am I a part of Church? How do I even start to define it?

Holy Hospitality

By Ben Sutter,, Franconia Conference Communications One thing I’ve experienced this first week of living in Philadelphia is hospitality. I arrived last Monday at one in the morning and was picked up by my boss, Steve Kriss. Steve took me to his own house, because my more permanent housing arrangements hadn’t been settled yet. He … Continue reading Holy Hospitality

On Christmas, community and diversity: The Good News in East London

Krista Ehst, Perkasie There is only one Mennonite church here in the United Kingdom, which I have yet to attend. Not surprisingly, then, I’ve recently been trying to explain my Mennonite faith identity to some very curious and sometimes very confused Brits. Somewhere near the beginning of those conversations, I often mention the strong … Continue reading On Christmas, community and diversity: The Good News in East London

Toward a bright future

John Tyson American philosopher Calvin O. Schrag in his book The Self After Postmodernity describes the emerging “self” as “a praxis-oriented self, defined by its communicative practices, oriented toward understanding itself in its discourse, its action, its being with others.” In less philosophical terms, our understanding of who we are as people is given … Continue reading Toward a bright future

So you’re going to be a pastor?

Emily Graber Last summer I was part of the !Explore program with Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary and worked at Methacton Mennonite Church as a pastoral intern. This summer, with one year of college completed, I have returned to Methacton through Goshen College’s Ministry Inquiry Program (MIP). I was excited to be invited back to … Continue reading So you’re going to be a pastor?