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Introducing Indonesian Light Congregation

Indonesian Light Church (ILC) was founded on January 22, 2012 in Philadelphia, in the home of one of the elders.  On that day, the first service took place with other nine congregations and was led by Pastor Pison Sinambela. When it began, it was known as Indonesian Lutheran Fellowship. In July 2013, the congregation moved … Continue reading Introducing Indonesian Light Congregation

Introducing Perkiomenville Mennonite Church


Perkiomenville Mennonite Church started in 1935 as a Sunday school for the children in the Perkiomenville area. Outreach is in the congregation’s DNA, and has guided the mission and activities of the congregation since it began; we provide pastoral care to those inside the church while also considering how our congregational life and activities will … Continue reading Introducing Perkiomenville Mennonite Church

Introducing Nueva Vida Norristown New Life

Nueva Vida Norristown New Life

Nueva Vida Norristown New Life Mennonite Church is located in Norristown, Pa., on the corner of Marshall and Swede streets, about a block from the Montgomery County Courthouse. The intercultural, multilingual, urban Mennonite church that exists today was formed by God in 1990 through the joining together of three Mennonite congregations in Norristown—one Latino, one … Continue reading Introducing Nueva Vida Norristown New Life

Introducing Providence Mennonite Church

Providence Mennonite Church is located in Collegeville, PA along Route 29 and Mennonite Road, in a very fast growing community.  We have been in existence for almost 200 years; the building that we are in now was built in 1959, with a few renovations since then. Gary Lloyd is our Pastor, and Vernon Hunsberger and … Continue reading Introducing Providence Mennonite Church

Introducing Alpha Mennonite Church

Alpha Mennonite Church

Alpha Mennonite Church began as a church plant in 1975 by Henry Swartley.  We are located in the quiet little community of Alpha, NJ. Since the beginning, our congregation has been a mixture of people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and theologies who have gathered together in our common love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  We … Continue reading Introducing Alpha Mennonite Church

Introducing Salford Mennonite Church

Salford Mennonite Church

Salford Mennonite Church, located in Harleysville, Pa., was founded in 1717.  An agrarian congregation throughout its history, the past 50 years has seen a transition to a suburban and professional lifestyle for its members. Church leadership consists of a pastoral team of four (lead pastor Joe Hackman and three associate pastors, Maribeth Benner, Ben Wideman … Continue reading Introducing Salford Mennonite Church

Introducing Boyertown Mennonite Church

Boyertown Mennontie Church

Our congregation was a “church plant” from the Bally congregation and began worshiping in Colebrookdale Township of Berks county in the year 1780. For many years these two faith communities continued to share pastors and many other aspects of church life. It wasn’t until the late 1940’s that Boyertown became completely separate with its own pastor and leadership. Our first buildings were located at the center of Boyertown, but in 1969 we built the present facility on a hill outside the borough of Boyertown.

Introducing Methacton Mennonite Church


Methacton Mennonite Church has been connecting people to Jesus since 1739. The land on which the meetinghouse is located was deeded to the Dutch Anabaptist Society–Mennonite/Anabaptist families moving north from Germantown up Germantown Pike–for 5 shillings. The first meetinghouse was built prior to 1771 although the exact date is unknown. A second meetinghouse was erected of stone in 1805 and used as a community school and place of worship. The third and present meetinghouse was erected in 1873.