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Notes to Pastors

Don’t forget your camera! How is your congregation celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas this year?  Share your celebrations with the rest of the conference by sending descriptions, memorable quotes, and photographs to by January 2, 2012.   Lombard Mennonite Peace Center presents, “Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders” on March 19-23, 2012 at … Continue reading Notes to Pastors

Notes to Pastors – 12/8/11

Pastor/Chaplain and Spouse Apprecation Breakfast Program:  Approximately eighty pastors, chaplains, and spouses from Franconia, Eastern District, and Kingdom Builders joined us for the Appreciation Breakfast held this past Tuesday, December 6.  It was a lovely time, hosted so wonderfully by folks from West Swamp Mennonite Church.  The program was video taped and is expected to … Continue reading Notes to Pastors – 12/8/11