August 15, 2013

Lois Clemens

Lois Gunden Clemens named Righteous Among the Nations

“Lois’s contribution was of such real quality that many of our local people only fairly realized it in retrospect.  She could speak effectively both [inside and outside of the community], to both the traditional and the forward-looking members of our spiritual community, with unself-promoting dignity.” –John Ruth, Salford congregation

Yad Vashem recently recognized Lois Gunden, an American Mennonite who helped save Jewish children while in France during the Holocaust, as Righteous Among the Nations. Read more….

Drew Hart: “Dominance is a blinder”

by John Tyson, as part of our "Justice in the Streets" series

Drew Hart’s journey has pulled him into uncharted territory. His theological work is an encounter at the borderlines between black liberation theology and Anabaptism. Rarely linked in academic circles, Hart argues that the shared pursuit of justice equips these two traditions to be complimentary conversation partners. Read more….

Drew Hart

Blooming Glen

Introducing Blooming Glen

The people at Blooming Glen Mennonite Church are PEOPLE ON A JOURNEY WITH JESUS! The congregation meets weekly at 9:30 am for worship with Sunday school following. Blooming Glen is a 259 year old, 725 member congregation that is served by three pastors:  Firman Gingerich, Lead Pastor; Michael Bishop, Pastor of Music and Worship; and Mary Nitzsche, Pastor of Pastoral Care and Spiritual Formation. Read more….

Featured Blog: The Lord Helped Us

by Chris Nickels, Mennonite Road*

Last Sunday was an important day in our congregation. It was the day we hold our annual congregational meeting, which is like the start of a new year for us. This context is one where we consider the “business” of the congregation (budget, team appointments, etc), but it’s also an important time to reflect on our life together. We take time to intentionally remember what God has done in us and in our local community. Read more….

Ebenezer stone--Spring Mount
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Pastors & CRM Leaders’ Breakfasts

  • Sept. 26, 8-10am: James Krabill

Credentialed Leaders Appreciation Dinner

A Christmas "thank you" dinner for credentialed leaders and their guests will be held on December 3, 6:30-8:30pm, location TBA. Enjoy holiday music, good food and conversation, and guest speaker Michael King, dean of Eastern Mennonite Seminary.

Morning with Elizabeth Soto Albrecht

You’ve been following Elizabeth’s journey online, on Facebook, through Intersectings. On Friday, August 23, 9-11 a.m., you will have the opportunity to hear and converse with Elizabeth, in person, about what she’s learned…on the other side of her journey.  This event will be held at the Mennonite Conference Center in Harleysville. There is no charge for this gathering. Beverages will be available, but NO breakfast will be served.  RSVP at

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