April 4, 2013

Ripple Good Friday cross

Carrying the cross on Good Friday

by Carolyn Albright, Ripple Allentown

This year on Good Friday, Ripple participated in the West End Ecumenical Worship, which involved a procession of the cross. We had announced this for many weeks in advance so many Ripple folks showed up on our front porch, which was along the processional route, where we joyfully and willingly joined the procession, which had started at the Episcopal church just a few blocks away. Read more….

My journey isn’t over:
talking about teen cancer

by Lindsey Laverty, Souderton congregation

In February, I was privileged to have my vision for a Teen Cancer Awareness Night come true.  The event was held at Christopher Dock High School, where I am a junior, in honor of my 19-year-old sister Emilee, who passed away November 1 of dedifferentiated chordoma. Read more….

Teen Cancer Awareness Night

shamrock seder

Celebrating a Shamrock Seder

by Lynne McMullan Allebach, Arise Community Outreach

What happens when you cross St. Patrick’s Day and a Jewish Passover Seder?  Everyone who attended Arise in Harleysville on March 17 found out as Robin Burstein led the group through a “Shamrock Seder.” Tthe Seder evolved into a Shamrock Seder after Robin learned that St. Patrick, like the Israelites in Egypt, had been taken captive and lived as a slave for a number of years as a young man before escaping and returning to his family. Read more….

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Nathan Good

Featured blog: I want to be an enabler

by Nathan Good, I do not yet know, but God is teaching*

Who wants to be labeled an enabler?  This term carries extremely negative connotations: those close to an alcoholic who not only allow negative behaviors but unknowingly encourage them; the parents of a 27 year old who is fully capable of working but is instead living in their basement playing video games all day. Read more….

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Pastors & CRM Leaders’ Breakfasts

8-10 a.m. at the Mennonite Conference Center, Harleysville. Suggested donation: $6.50.

  • April 18: "No Greater Love–Peace and Justice for Vulnerable Veterans" with Ari S. Merretazon of Pointman Soldiers Heart Ministry. Register



Notes to Pastors

"No Greater Love–Peace & Justice for Vulnerable Veterans" — Pointman Soldiers Heart Ministry

Pastors & CRM Leaders Breakfast on April 18, 8-10am

Come hear Minister Ari S. Merretazon and Deacon James Abram of Pointman Soldiers Heart Ministry describe their day-to-day work as "vulnerable veterans helping vulnerable veterans." They will share from their personal experiences as veterans on a path of healing and from their engagement with many other vets they have met, befriended, and supported through experiences of isolation, pain, and injustice from systems where they expected to find help. Listen and learn how you might become a participant in the well-being and just treatment of those in our neighborhoods who have been deeply wounded by war.  Register

Leadership Resourcing with Alan Hirsch (May 17, 8:30-3:30, Yoders Restaurant, New Holland)

Alan Hirsch is a South African born missiologist, author, and leader in the missional church movement. Hirsch has authored or co-authored nine books from The Shaping of the Things to Come in 2003 to The Permanent Revolution in 2012. He integrates theology, sociology, and leadership into his writings. Hirsch maintains six elements are needed to create highly transformative, exponentially growing, missional movements: Jesus is Lord, disciple-making, missional-incarnational impulse, apostolic environment, organic systems, outward-focus.

Registration (includes lunch) is $50 before May 3, $55 after ($20/$25 for young adults, 18-30) and can be paid at the door. Register online, by phone (717.293.5246 ext. 100), or email.

Eastern Mennonite Seminary, Lancaster campus, Summer Institute for Missional Questions

  • Romans: A Letter to the Church
  • Encountering Anabaptism in the Global South
  • Human Sexuality in Theological Perspective

EMS PA Flyer Summer 2013Register now–the Romans class starts this weekend!

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