A pocket full of epiphany moments

Ertell Whighamby Ertell Whigham, Executive Minister

What comes to mind when you think of the word “epiphany?” For many of us, it has a significant meaning at this time of year and in the gift that we have received from God in Jesus Christ. For others, it reminds us of a time that we were enlightened, informed, or experienced some thoughtful understanding at a particular place in our lives.

However you may view the word “epiphany,” it should be connected with God.  For me it is often very refreshing to realize that the Spirit brings knowledge to a place I seem to be unaware of; epiphany is something we need not only look for or express appreciation for doing this time of year, but is a gift that God gives us every moment of our lives in one form or another.

I believe that we serve and live under the care of a God who has a pocket full of epiphany moments for us when we long for clarity or enlightenment. Many of us we don’t expect much from God’s miracle gift of an epiphany. We tend to think that our training, education, or life experience is the source of our new knowledge or clarity.

Epiphany is more than just an awakening of our understanding. Epiphany, I believe, is a special light that shines from the Spirit of God into our hearts and minds to help us appreciate that God is still showing us new things. It is a special light that shows us not just a way but the way. For many of us, we hope to make it through the next project, decision, challenge, or test. It is important that we understand that God has already been where we’re going and if we choose or desire to have this special gift of light or epiphany, God is faithful to show us the way and enlighten our understanding.

As we think of this season we can certainly be overwhelmed with the exotic experience of what it means to join together in celebration with friends and family this Christmas season, or we can think of this as a foretaste of things to come throughout the year.