A pastoral response from Franconia Mennonite Conference leadership regarding DACA

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We are also dreamers.  Dozens of young men and women from Franconia Conference congregations who were brought to this country as minors feel a renewed sense of fear and frustration with the repealment of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) this week.  The law of our land is subject to the rule of Christ in our faith communities.  We continue to hear and respond to the admonition of Christ our Lord who said what you do to the “least of these you also do to me.”

We commit to continuing to be communities of support, of love and solidarity with the most vulnerable among us.  We work and hope for the day when justice will fall down like rain and righteousness will flow like a mighty stream.   In the meantime, we commit by the power of the Spirit, to offer pastoral care, accompaniment, and engagement as people who seek and pursue peace.  We dream that this land might be a place where all might live in liberty and justice as the children of God.

Live justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God.

John Goshow, Conference Moderator
Stephen Kriss, Executive Minister
Marta Castillo, LEADership Minister
Mike Clemmer, LEADership Minister
Barbie Fischer, Communication Manager
Randy Heacock, LEADership Minister
Conrad Martin, Director of Finance
Mary Nitzsche, Associate Executive Minister
Wayne Nitzsche, Interim LEADership Minister
Noel Santiago, LEADership Minister
Aldo Siahaan, LEADership Minister
Emily Ralph Servant, LEADership Minister
John Stoltzfus, Conference Youth Pastor