Prayer leads to song: Local musician sings of a “fisher of men”

lightshirtburningbush.jpgJessica WalterIn March, Perkiomenville Mennonite Church member and local musician Bruce Burgess debuted a special music video of a song he wrote about fellow church member Ken Krupp.Bruce, a Gospel musician, has been sharing the Good News through music at local churches and events for just over two years. He notes that after passing “the half century mark’ in his life he began to feel God calling him to share the Gospel through his musical talents.Bruce has written and produced two CD’s since he began his ministry. His friend Ken became the subject of one of his songs in the fall of 2007.“When my wife Donna and I began attending Perkiomenville Mennonite Church, one of the goals for my life at that time was to improve my prayer life,” reflects Bruce. “Ken Krupp, Minister of Prayer at Perkiomenville, was teaching a class on prayer. Through that class I learned to know Ken and that he worked for Landis Supermarket in Vernfield as the head of the seafood department. He told me that he frequently would pray with people at the store.”“In August 2007, on our way to record my first music CD, I suggested to those with me that we stop at Landis’ to have Ken pray with us about the project. It so happened that another sister from our church, Janelle Ferrence was also there so we had a Perkiomenville prayer circle at the seafood counter.“Late one November night I was picking some chords on my guitar when words came to me about Ken and his work and ministry at the supermarket and how God made him a fisher of men. From there the rest of the song came together.”The song was enititled, “KEN, Fisher of Men” and this past winter Bruce, Ken and several other folks got together to film a music video of the song. This music video shows a montage of Ken doing prayer ministry and was filmed at Landis Supermarket, Ken’s home and at Perkiomenville Mennonite Church.“Through making this video, God has given me the opportunity to work with a lot of talented people,” notes Bruce. “He has also allowed me to become closer to my church family at Perkiomenville Mennonite Church.”Though a bit embarassed at the attention this music project has directed towards him, Ken reflects that he is honored to have been a “role model/mentor” to Bruce.Ken has also been blessed and seen blessings come from this music video. “One of the company owners came to me, after seeing the video, thanked me and affirmed me for the video and what I am doing. He said, pointing to heaven, ‘if it’s for God’s glory, I’m for it!’ I thanked him, for being able to serve God in my workplace, where God has called me.”Ken has had several people ask for prayer at Landis Supermarket after seeing the video. “There have been many instances where I have been able to pray with, encourage, and share with people, and there aren’t many employers who allow that these days. Praise God!”