Youth Ministry

    • Monthly Youth Pastor/Worker gathering on the fourth Wednesday at 10:30AM-12:00PM (August through May). We value the opportunity to meet together to collaborate in ministry, support and prayer for one another, and plan youth events. Everyone who works with youth is welcome to join. We meet at various locations. Contact John Stoltzfus if you want to know more or join the email list.
    • Franconia/Eastern District Conference Youth Workers facebook group
    • September 11-13: Annual YPU Shore Trip: This long standing tradition started in the EDC Young People’s Union. Open to everyone. Join other youth groups in a fun weekend of camping, beach, games, worship and fellowship on the NJ shore. Contact Scott Benner or John Stoltzfus for more information.
    • September 14, 7-8:30: Parent/Youth Worker Resource Seminar. Walt Mueller from the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding will talk in parenting in a digital age:Our children and teens not only use technologies that we never had, but those technologies are taking them into a world of new pressures, challenges, choices, problems, and expectations. In this seminar we’ll look at how technology is shaping kids, and how we can equip our kids to shape their use of technology in a direction that brings glory to God.
    • January 29-31, 2016: Annual Youth Ministry Council gathering: All those who work with youth are welcome to attend this annual denominational gathering which meets to discuss the latest in youth ministry in our church and our world. This year we meet in Orlanda the site of the 2017 MCUSA convention.
    • March 11, 2016: Annual Jr High Late Night Blast:  7-11PM. A great tradition of worship, play and fellowship with other youth from the conference.
    • March 6, 2016: Annual Volleyball Tournament at Men-O-Lan: This event is also a tradition from EDC Young People’s Union. Open to everyone. Join other youth groups in an afternoon of volleyball competition at Camp Men-O-Lan.
    • June 3 2016: Survivor Croquet: Mennonite Heritage Center WHACK & ROLL Croquet Tournament—Survivor Croquet for senior high church youth groups.  Winning teams win prizes of $1,000 (first place), $500 (second place), and $250 (third place) to put toward a service trip
    • June 5, 2016: Conference Youth Worship under the big tent. All youth in FMC and EDC are invited for a time of worship and fellowship under the tent at the Mennonite Heritage Center lawn.

  • March 11, 2016: Annual Jr High Late Night Blast:  6:30-11:30 PM at Christopher Dock Mennonite High School in Lansdale, PA.  This annual event is a great tradition of worship, play and fellowship with other youth from the conference. Bobby Wibowo along with others from Philadelphia Praise Fellowship will lead the worship time. Speaker TBA. Register by March 7 on the RSVP page of

    2016 Late Night Blast Schedule

    6:30–7:00                      Registration & Free Time                Lobby/Gym

    7:00–7:30            Large Group Games                         Longacre Gym

    7:30-8:00             Welcome & Games                          Theater

    8:00-9:00             Worship                                           Theater

    9:00-10:00           Activities of choice

    • Soccer                              Longacre Gym
    • Crafts/Board Games           Commons
    • Giant Jenga/Table Games  Longacre Lobby
    • Giant Dutch Blitz  Longacre Gym
    • Spike ball Longacre Gym
    • Wally Ball  Racquetball Courts
    • Basketball  Longacre Gym
    • Gaga Pit  Longacre Gym
    • Dodgeball Clemens Gym

    10:00                   Pizza                                                 Commons

    10:15–11:15        Activities of choice

    • Basketball  Longacre Gym
    • Giant Dutch Blitz Longacre Gym
    • Giant Jenga/Table Games  Longacre Lobby
    • Wally Ball  Racquetball Courts
    • Crafts/ Board Games Commons
    • Gaga Pit                               Longacre Gym
    • Fireside Songs  Theater
    • Human Hungry Hippos  Clemens Gym
    • Nerf Blasters Clemens Gym
    • Spike Ball Longacre Gym

    11:15-11:30         Cleanup and Departure                    Theater

  • It is the commitment of Franconia Conference that up-to-date information and resources will be provided that educate, equip and empower youth workers in their ministry with youth. There is openness to expanding this collaboration with others who share a similar Anabaptist vision for youth ministry.

    Vision: Healing & Hope

    God calls us to be followers of Jesus Christ and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to grow as communities of grace, joy, and peace, so that God’s healing and hope flow through us to the world.

    Mission Statement

    The mission in Mennonite youth ministry is to actively invite every youth to commit to a personal relationship and everlasting adventure with Jesus Christ, mentoring them towards wholeness within a supportive church community and empowering them to bring healing and hope to the world.

    To follow Jesus Christ more faithfully, we mentor youth to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. By:

    • Enriching our prayer, worship, and study of scriptures.
    • Offering all that we are and have to God.
    • Providing an environment where commitment to Christ is encouraged.
    • Nurturing spiritual devotions, solitude, reflection, and fasting.
    • Discipling through biblical teaching.
    • Encouraging healthy self-esteem and respect for one’s body.
    • Modeling biblical stewardship in all areas of life.
    • Advocating love, peace, and justice as the Christian way of life.
    • Guiding responsible decision-making in ethical and lifestyle choices.
    • Teaching biblical ways of conflict resolution.

    To grow as communities of grace, joy, and peace, we invite all youth to be an integral part of congregational life. By

    • Calling and nurturing congregational leaders for ministry in a changing environment.
    • Practicing love, forgiveness, and hospitality that affirm our diversity and heal our brokenness.
    • Creating a loving and supporting environment.
    • Strengthening family life.
    • Embracing God’s gift of multicultural and intergenerational diversity.
    • Advocating for youth in church and society.

    To live as people of healing and hope, we call forth the gifts in youth and challenge youth to minister to the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. By:

    • Inviting others to faith in Jesus Christ.
    • Seeking God’s peace in our homes, work, neighborhoods, and the world.
    • Seeking, recognizing, affirming, and involving the gifts and talents of youth.
    • Calling youth to share their faith.
    • Inviting youth to a lifestyle of mission and service.
    • Educating, equipping, enabling, and empowering youth to minister.
    • Partnering with denominational institutions and organizations to provide opportunities for ministry and missions.
    • Walking with youth as they live out their faith.

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    Individual Opportunities

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    Long Term

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