Introducing Spring Mount Mennonite Church

Spring MountSpring Mount Mennonite Church is located in Spring Mount, Pa., in the Perkiomen Valley.  At its very beginning (1934) this faith community was a mission Sunday School and summer Bible School, organized by the Franconia Mennonite Mission Board and facilitated by members of Salford Mennonite Church. In the early 20th century communities like Spring Mount were summer resort towns. Visitors from Philadelphia would travel here on the Perkiomen branch of the Reading Railroad that went through each town. The old railroad line is now the Perkiomen Trail, a popular recreational space and part of the county park system. Today Spring Mountain is the main attraction in town, and the Philadelphia Folk Fest is held here annually, just a short distance away from the meetinghouse.

All are welcome in this small, friendly congregation. We value newcomers while continuing to put down roots in our Anabaptist/Mennonite heritage. Our worship style is warmly informal, participatory, and multi-voiced. The leadership structure includes a Church Council and Elder team, with Chris Nickels serving as pastor. Our vision statement reads, “To reach out to our community as a healthy congregation able to offer welcome and fellowship for the purpose of salvation and nurture in God’s grace.”

We have always valued the community and seek to serve and connect with our neighbors through a number of activities, such as the Schwenksville community food pantry. We often experiment with new ways of doing church together, which has led to new expressions like Table Church (a monthly Sunday morning meal liturgy). We value practices like corporate prayer, Bible study, and worship. We particularly like to use food to bless others, through activities like fellowship times and meal ministry.