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Faithful Resilience

By Barbie Fischer, Communication Manager Franconia Mennonite Conference Delegates voted at the 1987 Assembly to allow congregations to request credentialing for female leaders. That vote led to two women entering the credentialing process. One of those women would not be ordained for another 29 years. The other, Marty Kolb Wykoff, was credentialed in 1988, at … Continue reading Faithful Resilience

Love is a Verb and So Much More

by Wayne Nitzsche, Interim LEADership Minister and Pastor of Perkasie Mennonite Church When taking elementary Greek as a seminary student, suddenly it dawned on me that my knowledge of the English language was woefully inadequate. I might not have been able to tell you that a verb “is a word used to describe an action, state, … Continue reading Love is a Verb and So Much More

Celebrating the Creative Spirit

Desiring to enhance a sense of community and offer our hospitality, Bally Mennonite Church planned and hosted a free event, Celebrating the Creative Spirit, on May 5 & 6, 2017. The event featured 40 artists and artisans from the Bally area including professionals such as potter Roy Yoder, photographer Gordon Groff, weaver Tonya Jones, and artist/author … Continue reading Celebrating the Creative Spirit

Palestinian and Jewish Voices for Peace

By Peder Wiegner, member at Norristown New Life and of the Conference Israel/Palestine Taskforce Franconia Mennonite Conference (FMC) together with Living Branches hosted the Palestinian and Jewish Voices for Peace Tour on Saturday, April 22. The FMC Israel Palestine Task Force was key to organizing this event together with Mennonite Church USA (MCUSA). Jonathan Kuttab, … Continue reading Palestinian and Jewish Voices for Peace

Board Welcomes Smita Singh

By Angela Moyer, co-pastor at Ripple and Conference Board Member Smita Singh was appointed to the Franconia Conference Board by delegate affirmation at the Fall 2016 Assembly, beginning her first term with the Board in January, 2017. Smita is a member at Whitehall Mennonite Church in the Lehigh Valley since 2000, when she immigrated to … Continue reading Board Welcomes Smita Singh

On Scattering, Gathering and California Dreamin’

by Steve Kriss, Executive Minister Within the first few weeks of assuming the role of Executive Minister of Franconia Conference, I began to hear more about how the shifting structures across the Mennonite landscape might begin to affect us.  In Conferences across the country as well as in Canada, we have begun a season of … Continue reading On Scattering, Gathering and California Dreamin’

Story Project: A Faith Nurtured and Renewed

By John Stoltzfus, Conference Youth Minister How are we doing as a broader faith community in passing on faith to the next generation? Where is faith being lived out loud in such a way that our children and youth are catching a vision of what it means to be follower of Jesus today? The title … Continue reading Story Project: A Faith Nurtured and Renewed

Understanding Symptoms of Sexual Abuse

By John Drescher-Lehman, LCSW There are many reasons why sexual abuse survivors do not come forward, especially in their church communities. Many have noted that when they have shared their experience with their church, they are met by ignorance leading to a poor handling of the situation and a lack of support for them. The … Continue reading Understanding Symptoms of Sexual Abuse

Cuidándonos entre Mujeres / Sister Care

por Marta Castillo La experiencia de sentarse, aprender, reír, llorar y compartir en un grupo de 30 líderes y pastoras de habla hispana es una experiencia que no tiene comparación. El Espíritu del Dios viviente fluía libremente y poderosamente, las voces se elevaban en ánimo, las oraciones se hablaban y las experiencias de vida fueran … Continue reading Cuidándonos entre Mujeres / Sister Care