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Did You Know: Taxable Income

by Conrad Martin, Director of Finance As tax season is upon us, it is important to be aware of two things a church does that may affect the taxable income for congregational employees/pastors — one taxable and one a pre-tax deduction.  Love Gifts/ Offerings Some churches give their pastor(s) a “love gift” or “love offering” … Continue reading Did You Know: Taxable Income

Living God’s Great Shalom

by Stephen Kriss, Executive Minister In our commitments for credentialing as pastors within Franconia Conference, we agree to giving and receiving counsel.  This week I am here in Indiana as part of our process of giving and receiving counsel through Mennonite Church USA’s Constituency Leader Council (CLC). It’s not been an easy time in Mennonite … Continue reading Living God’s Great Shalom

Welcome Signs an Invitation to Dialogue

by Dwayne Henne, Chair of Outreach, Bally Mennonite Church Members of Bally Mennonite Church had a growing interest in how area churches might be able to support refugees coming to the United States as they continued to see on the daily news the suffering of people in Syria and Sudan. As they began to explore … Continue reading Welcome Signs an Invitation to Dialogue

Local Women Networking to Make a Difference

Women Empowering Women(WEW) with Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA) is a grassroots group providing a way for local women to network together and make a difference for women in third world countries. For those less familiar with MEDA, its core mission is to create business solutions to poverty.  The goal of the WEW group is … Continue reading Local Women Networking to Make a Difference

Reflections on Breaking Free to Follow an Untamed God

By Jenny Duskey, Ambler Mennonite Church An Exodus Time, a Great Turning, a Watershed Moment – whatever we call it, we are in the midst of crisis.  We, children of a free, wild, untamed God, try “to follow Jesus while shackled to Caesar.”  “Fast food, cheap oil, chronic debt, and constant pressure are only some … Continue reading Reflections on Breaking Free to Follow an Untamed God

From Dust You’ve Been Created

“Do you not realize what the Holy One can do with dust?”–Jan Richardson By Steve Kriss, Executive Minister Growing up in a dominantly Catholic community, I annually had ash envy.   There was something about that mark of the cross on the forehead, the smear and the audacity of wearing it out and about in … Continue reading From Dust You’ve Been Created

We’re All Out of Chicken!

By Joshua Jefferson, Youth Pastor at Souderton Mennonite Church We were all drawn together on that cold, windy Monday evening, February 13, by the promise of fresh enchiladas and tostadas made by the members of Centro de Alabanza, along with some warm conversation with James Krabill of Mennonite Mission Network, to share stories about the … Continue reading We’re All Out of Chicken!

Grateful for a Sad Surprise

By Randy Heacock, LEADership Minister When Steve Kriss, Conference Executive Minister, invited me to consider being a LEADership Minister, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect.  I have a LEADership minister and I have been in the conference long enough to remember the early conversations of the role of a … Continue reading Grateful for a Sad Surprise

Doing Kingdom Work

By Noel Santiago Hope for the Future is a unique gathering in that it brings together leaders of color and white leaders who work and serve in MCUSA agencies, institutions and organizations, to intentionally focus the work of intercultural transformation in the church. While it’s primarily focused on the agencies, institutions and organizations of MCUSA, … Continue reading Doing Kingdom Work

Disoriented Following

By Wayne Nitzsche, Interim LEADership Minister I’ve been granted the privilege of walking with the congregations of Alpha, Bally and Taftsville as they engage the journey of calling a pastor. Jenifer Eriksen Morales has prepared them well for the steps in the process. But as in all of life, we make plans and sometimes it … Continue reading Disoriented Following